Here’s Why Riya Sen is Not Missing Working in Bollywood

Veteran actress Moon moon Sen’s daughter Riya Sen who made her Bollywood debut with the movie Style 18 years ago in 2001 had her dream fulfilled when it comes to making a debut. All because ‘Style’ was a young crowd favorite and moreover its one song titled ‘Excuse Me’ was a raging hit. And the same song still enjoys that same rage among the youngsters, and post that, she starred in quite a few movies but her last B-town film Rabba Main Kya Karoon was in 2013 and it’s been over six years now that she is absent from the silver screen.

When during a recent interview with BollywoodLife, she was asked the reason behind this absence of hers, she raised one issue in particular and that was the absence of non-challenging roles for her. She said,

”I have evolved as an actress over time, now I am looking for roles that personally stimulate and challenge me. I didn’t find that coming from mainstream Bollywood, hence the absence.”

Being an actor since the ripe age of nine, she says,

”Let’s put this in perspective – I’ve been acting since class nine! As you can imagine I’ve experienced myriad roles. Looking back, there are of course some roles that I wish I could’ve done differently.”

On her preference between Bollywood Or Web Series. Riya said,

”As I mentioned before, I’m very happy working in the digital space. Having said that, I would not turn down an opportunity to work on a film, if it’s the right fit for me.” When further asked if she’s looking out for B-town roles, she said, ”Of course, I’ve always been open to good Bollywood films.”

Apart from Bollywood and web series, Riya had also worked in short movies and the latest one being Lonely Girl, where she is playing the role of a lesbian and a subtle lesbian scene with Kyra Dutt made her presence felt again to the public. We will be eagerly in wait for her visit again to the silver screen.

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