List of Richest Tollywood Actors

Tallest Actors in Tollywood

Richest Tollywood Actors: 

Tollywood is one of the largest industries in our country. It is known for hard-working and talented people. It is a part of Indian Cinema which produces movies in the Telegu language. Not only it has talented people but actors here also get the amount of remuneration. Below mentioned are the top five Tollywood actors who are very rich.

 1. Mahesh Babu

Richest Tollywood Stars

He is one of the highest paid actors in the Telegu film industry. He is known for his talent and hard work. Almost all his films are blockbusters. He has charges around 20 crores for the film he Srimanthudu.

 2. Pawan Kalyan

Richest Tollywood Stars

The second on the list comes Pawan Kalyan. He has millions of followers. He is being loved and respected for his work. According to the resources, he is charging around 22 crores for his films.

 3. Rana Daggubati

Richest Tollywood Stars

Then comes Rana Daggubati. He is a well-known name in the Telegu Film industry. He acted in one of the most famous and loved film of our nation i.e Baahubali. This movie proved to be great turning point in his career. presently, he is charging around 9 crores for a single film.

 4. NTR

Richest Tollywood Stars

Junior NTR is the most talented actor in our Tollywood industry. He is known for his amazing energy and talent. He is loved for his performances in various movies. Currently, he is charging around 22 crores for every film.

 5. Ram Charan

Richest Tollywood Actors

Ram Charan is a lovely actor and a person. There are millions of youngsters who love seeing him on big screens. He has earned a lot of fan following because of his dedication and hard work. Presently, he charges around 17 to 18 crores for every film.

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