Here’s What Ranveer Singh Has to Say About Beating Khans at The Box Office

2018 started with a Ranveer Singh starrer which had created quite an uproar the previous year with all its controversies, Padmaavat, a period drama directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali in which he played the deviant Alauddin Khilji and also ended with a bang with his full-on action-drama masala film, Simmba, a Singham spinoff directed by Rohit Shetty where he played a corrupt cop. Though he did not have any release in the middle of the year, we were raving about him for one reason or another throughout the year. 2018 lavishly and proudly, for him, belonged to him.

Ranveer Singh, in the recent few years, has become a fan favourite, and has earned a huge and loyal fandom. Some like him because of his unique antics, some because of his loud individuality which roars like a tiger, and some because of his wide range as an actor which only goes on to show that he is here to stay and is currently enjoying all the glory. Sure he is all of that, but he is also a great human being which only adds to his ever shining personality.

Ranveer Singh Khans

Where Ranveer Singh had a supremely successful 2018, the year wasn’t too generous on all the three reigning Khans. Salman Khan’s Race 3, Aamir Khan’s Thugs of Hindostan and Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero, all three turned out to be big critical and box office duds, which clearly was a sign that it is the quality content that the audience is waiting for, even if it comes to the Khans. But when Ranveer was told that he has beaten all the three Khans at the box office this year and asked if they can be replaced, he answered in the most humble way and said,

“I don’t take ownership for success. Filmmaking is a collaborative effort and commercial success indeed has to be shared with the team. I am nobody in front of the Khans.”

He is the ultimate fan boy of Bollywood and he, as we know him, can’t disrespect anyone’s success and hard work. Adding further to what he said, he said,

“I have just done a few films in the past eight or nine years that I have been in the industry. They are here for more than 25 years and sustained. They are the core of the rising system in the industry and they have achieved a lot over these years.”

He further added,

“I don’t know if anyone can replace them. We cannot take away what they have achieved. It is by chance that my films have done well; it can be vice-a-versa. You can’t take away anything from what they have achieved.”

In a conversation with Deccan Chronicle, he was asked how he is handling the critics, do critics’ reviews matter to him and how important the fan reaction to him is. To which he replied that the fan reaction is of utmost importance to him, though keeping the critics happy and commercial number high are equally important. He was quoted as saying,

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“Critics, public and everyone should like you and you should understand credibility and commerce. These days you get results so fast. We expected Simmba to do very well, like every Rohit Shetty film. Getting a good masala review from the audiences and critics both is something nice. Audience’s review is paramount for me. So, I went to watch the film 15 times with the audience to see their reaction.”

Singh is an established star today with great stardom but like everyone, he too has struggled in his initial days where he went for about three, three and a half years without getting to act in a movie or anything. Recalling those days, he said,

“Mumbai is a city where people come from all over the country with dreams and it’s a struggle. But, I have been brought up here in Mumbai itself though even I had to struggle for three-and-a-half years before getting a break.”

Gully Boy Reviews Ranveer Singh Alia Bhatt

But as his personality is, he never doubted himself, keeping the self belief close, he always aimed to work hard for he knew that ‘uska time aayega’ which eventually did come. He added,

“I had just finished my studies and had returned from America and didn’t have a job. Financially, every family goes through ups and downs… the recession had also set in but my hopes were never low. I just moved ahead and worked hard knowing fully well that my time will come.”

Ranveer Singh, apart from his acting, also is loved as a then-boyfriend, now-husband to Deepika Padukone. The two tied the knot three months ago and have been going strong. Their PDA is something which all DeepVeer fans have been rejoicing in. The way he treats Deepika is what probably every girl yearns for. In an interview with Karan Johar, TapeCast, he was asked how has been the married life so far and how is it being married to a superstar, are there any issues that they’ve come across until now. He told Karan,

“Honestly, there aren’t any issues. When we are home and together, we are super chill. We are best friends first and that is the most beautiful part of our relationship. Fortunately, we are both in the same line of work, so we always have a lot of talk about.”

After that, came the obvious question, how is he managing to stay away from the beautiful ladies that he is constantly surrounded with, given his profession. He answered that with supreme honesty and love for Deepika, he said,

“I have bagged myself the top most chick, so what do I have to worry about. I have never met anybody in my life who has captivated me like the way she does. I have been seeing her for six years before we got married and that is testament to the fact that no other person has been, or will be good enough to tempt me. She (Deepika) is really something else.”

Gully Boy Reviews Ranveer Singh Alia Bhatt

We love Ranveer and Deepika and are waiting for them to star in a slice of life entertainer together very soon. Until then, Ranveer Singh’s much-anticipated Gully Boy opened to theatres yesterday and the internet is gushing over Ranveer and Alia Bhatt’s career-best performances. Next, he will be seen in Kapil Dev’s biopic ’83 in which we might see Deepika in a cameo, playing his wife.


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