Ranveer’s Fans Light Up A Village Living In Dark For 17 Years As His Birthday Gift

It is not common amongst all millennial superstars to have a fan club that have dedicated its life to doing voluntary work in their name. But Ranveer Singh is one amongst those lucky ones.

With both his popularity and stardom, it’s not surprising that Ranveer Singh has a huge fan base and dedicated fan clubs. And while his unlimited energy and positivity have influenced them, there’s one club that did something remarkably incredible on the superstar’s birthday (July 6). They brought light to an entire village has been living in the dark for the past 16 years.

Active since 2015, this fan club is named, Ranveer Ka Fan Club. Founded by Amir Ali hailing from Indore, it has dedicated its life to do voluntary work in the name of their favourite star i.e. Ranveer. Each year, they do something on Simmba’s birthday and recently they started a program called Ranveer Gram Program.

This year i.e. in 2019, they brought light to a small village called Akoli, where they installed five solar street lights and house lights each.

Ranveer Village Living In Dark
Ranveer Village Living In Dark

The residents of this 67 year old independent Indian village had been using kerosene lamps for more than a decade and could not afford electricity.

As per Amir Ali’s words,

“It was extremely difficult for children from these families to study in such poor light conditions. We felt that Ranveer sir has taught us to be happy and spread smiles and now it’s our duty to spread cheer and happiness everywhere.”

(Irony here is that Independent India has tried almost every combination of thought process to get a working machinery at all levels of administration that can make some development reach every Indian door, but failed and its citizens without any administrative help made it possible within a few working hours)

In a video that was made available by the group post the successful completion of their installing lights, a village lady is seen saying, “My name is Asha Trimbak Ahede. We have been living in the jungle since the last 17 years and we don’t have any electricity source. We lived in the dark before you guys gave us light. Thank you for giving us light.”

A world consisting of human population that has been divided into 3 categories: Developed, Developing and Underdeveloped Nation, could learn one thing from this achievement of Ranveer’s fan club, that no government even our own will work to heal our wounds, if we aren’t ready to stand and do the job on our own.

In other words, freedom and development are two things that need to be earned and sustained efforts need to be put upfront by a nation’s citizens, if they don’t want to see what has happened in the past.

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