Ranu Mondal’s Makeup Artist Calls Her Online Viral Pics A Total Fake

These days we all are seeing that how a pic of internet singing sensation, Ranu Mondal, is doing the rounds on the social media for all the wrong reasons. Ranu was trolled mercilessly for her latest pic, in which her face is shown sporting over-the-top make-up. Now her makeup artist Sandhya has come to her rescue and reacted to Ranu Mondal’s viral picture via her Instagram.

Sandhya shared a collage of Ranu’s real and fake picture and wrote,

“As you can see, this is the difference between the work that we have done and the ‘fake’ picture that has been edited to an extent. All the jokes and trolls are fine and they make us laugh too but to hurt someone’s sentiments, that’s not a very good thing to do.”

She added,

“We truly hope that you all will understand the truth and realise the difference between the fake one and one that is genuine. That’s all we ask for.”

Social media was quick to respond to Sandhya’s post & a user wrote,

“We troll her because of her words and actions and not because of just one picture. She should be more humble towards her fans or towards people in general. That’s all we ask for.”

Ranu Mondal Viral Pics
Ranu Mondal Viral Pics

Talking about Ranu Mondal’s rise to fame. She got all this fame after her video went viral online, in which she was seen crooning Lata Mangeskar‘s song. Music director: Himesh Reshammiya was so much impressed by her voice that he decided to give her a chance to sing for him.

But things went south for Ranu Mondal, after she was spotted scolding a fan for touching her while asking her to pose for a selfie. Since the day that incident happened social media has been trolling her over being an arrogant woman.

There is an old saying that when on top always keep your mind and actions in check.

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