Time When Our Thor Felt Embarrassed in Front of Randeep Hooda

Below is the reason that caused Thor aka Chris Hemsworth to feel embarrassed whilst he was shooting with Randeep Hooda for the upcoming ‘Extraction’.

Extraction is set to make its box office debut on April 24.

Time When Our Thor Felt Embarrassed In Front Of Randeep Hooda

Thor aka Chris Hemsworth is a person who needs no introduction and irrespective of the fact that he received a warm welcome in India during the shoot of his Netflix film, the Avengers actor said that he was “blown away” by the love he received from the people of India.

Chris was in India last year for the Indian shooting schedule for his upcoming action-drama, Extraction, which is predominantly set in the subcontinent. Both the fan mania and logistics were also responsible for the crew to be shifted to a quiet suburb near Bangkok, Thailand, but despite all that Chris has some fond memories of the time he spent in India.

These are Thor’s words,

“We had such a great time in India. People were beyond welcoming. I’ve never had that kind of response. I was blown away. I thought I was Beatles or something. It gives you a false sense of security. I felt more important than I was. When I go back to Australia, no one cares.”

Indian actor Randeep Hooda also plays a key role in this multistarrer, along with the newcomer Rudhraksh Jaiswal. The “God of Thunder” had some of the kindest things to say when it comes to his Indian co-stars Randeep and Rudhraksh.

Chris shared,

“With Randeep, it’s wonderful. Our first introduction was… We had three weeks of fighting each other and we both had our fair share of cuts and bruises. And a couple of times I nicked him, but it was by accident and I felt very embarrassed. He (Randeep) wasn’t angry at me. He has been great to work with. And then we’ve had little moments of quiet dialogue.”

Extraction is a movie that is based on an original script developed by Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame co-director Joe Russo.


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