Here’s Why Ranbir Kapoor Turned Down Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy With Ranveer Singh

Gully Boy is getting all the plaudits and praise, just after its trailer launch which happened two days ago. The netizens went crazy just after its trailer release and the fans and celebs alike have been pouring in just praises for Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt both.

Gully Boy Ranveer Singh Ranbir Kapoor Zoya Akhtar

We have seen Ranveer and Alia in the famous MMT ads and they were hilarious but this will be their first movie together and it is looking strong so far. Zoya Akhtar is known for her tremendous work which apparently most of the audiences like, layered and flawed characters shown with such perfection that her movies are a beautiful paradox, the least to say. And another of the good things, her movies have is brilliant casting.

Gully Boy Ranveer Singh Ranbir Kapoor Zoya Akhtar

Gully Boy is based on the underground hip-hop, rapping scene in the country and Ranveer Singh believes that this role was made for him and he would have been a little jealous if the role had gone to some other actor. Actually, Ranbir Kapoor was approached for this film but not for the lead role or to play the protagonist, but still for a significant role in the movie. And if reports are to be believed, Ranbir turned down the offer because he didn’t want to play a second lead to Ranveer.

Gully Boy Ranveer Singh Ranbir Kapoor Zoya Akhtar

This isn’t the first time that Ranbir has refused to be a part of a Zoya Akhtar film, earlier, Ranbir and Kareena Kapoor were zeroed down to play the brother-sister duo in Dil Dhadakne Do but Ranbir denied the offer and before that, in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, he politely refused to sign the dotted line. But it is a bit disappointing for Zoya’s movies have been hits and we would have loved to see Ranbir be a part of them, especially this one because we know Ranbir and Ranveer share a great camaraderie and getting that onscreen would have been great. Guess, we’ll have to just wait.

Gully Boy Ranveer Singh Ranbir Kapoor Zoya Akhtar

Ranbir isn’t part of the movie but he sure was a part of the conversations at the trailer launch where Alia was asked about the similarities between the two contemporaries, Ranveer and Ranbir. To which she said,

Gully Boy Ranveer Singh Ranbir Kapoor Zoya Akhtar

 “There are a lot similarities. The only difference is that I am doing Gully Boy with one and Brahmastra with another.”

However, Ranveer teased Alia and added,

“Ek thoda zaada special hai, ek thoda kamm (One is a little more special than the other).”

That left her blushing a bit. But we will get to see her sharing screen space with her boyfriend soon, in Brahmastra. Here’s a video for reference, watch it yourself:


Ranveer Singh earlier confessed that he raps, in fact, he did once in Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, his second movie and now he is playing a rapper in the movie, life does come full circle, doesn’t it? Anyway, when Ranveer was asked how was it playing a rapper in the movie, he said,

Gully Boy Ranveer Singh Ranbir Kapoor Zoya Akhtar

“Those boys are such raw talent. When Asli Hip Hop came out with Spitfire, people were asking who is this kid? I am really happy and excited to present them to you. All of them have contributed to the film. Just interacting with them, was one of the fondest memories I will hold with myself for the rest of my life. The entire process and workshops with them, working on dialogues and collaborating on music with them, it’s an experience of a lifetime.”

Gully Boy is slated to open on 14th February 2019. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, watch it here:


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