Ramayan’s ‘Ram’ a.k.a. Arun Govil Not Worthy of Honor From Government

Ramayan’s ‘Ram’ a.k.a. Arun Govil:

‘No State Government Honoured Me Ever‘: These were the words that Ramayan’s ‘Ram’ a.k.a. Arun Govil used to express his disappointment that despite playing the most crucial character in Ramanand Sagar’s evergreen Ramayan (that is being currently re-aired on Doordarshan successfully), neither any state nor Indian government consider him worthy of appreciation.

Going in detail, Arun Govil conducted an online interview on Twitter where he answered the question of whether he was honored by any state government.

Here’s his reply.

‘Ramayan’s Arun Govil, who played the central character of Ram on the show, went on to reveal that he was never honored for his act in the show, despite gaining massive popularity and fame because of it. He said that no state government or Central Government has honored him till date.

Ramayan’s ‘Ram’ a.k.a. Arun Govil
Ramayan’s ‘Ram’ a.k.a. Arun Govil

During this Twitter interaction that we are talking about, Arun Govil was asked,

“You gained massive fame and popularity with Ramayan, but were you not honoured or awarded for the act?’ To that, the actor said, “Whether state government or central government, I have not been honoured by any government so far. I hail from Uttar Pradesh, but they did not honour me till date either. Moreso, I have been residing in Mumbai since 50 years, but the Maharashtra government also did not honour me.”

Here’s a look at the conversation:

Ramayan is being aired once again on Doordarshan and has gained massive popularity among the netizens, who often were seen praising the characters and making memes on them. Arun Govil who played Ram has been an all-time favorite character on the show.

Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayan’ was originally aired on Doordarshan in 1987, over a decade after the concept of Television was introduced to Mumbai, which became a hub for shooting films and TV. Award ceremonies, especially for Television celebs, gained popularity after the 1990s.

This news puts in doubt procedures followed by the governments while conferring awards.


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