Ram Gopal Varma Brings to You The 1st Film Ever Made During Coronavirus Lockdown

Well, known filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) took to his Twitter page and shared the trailer of his upcoming film, ‘Coronavirus’. The USP of this film is that it has been shot entirely during the coronavirus lockdown, thereby making it the probably on a global scale the 1st film ever to be made during the ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

Going in detail, titled ‘Coronavirus’, the film is based on the deadly disease which has taken over the world making it a worldwide pandemic. In the trailer, we get to see a horror movie set up with a girl coughing profusely in her room making her dad worried.

Ram Gopal Varma Lockdown
Ram Gopal Varma Lockdown

It has an eerie scenario whilst addressing her cough as a ghost, the trailer will leave you scared for a moment too. The film stars Srikanth Iyengar in the lead role and is bankrolled by CM creations.

Have a look at the trailer below:

RGV tweeted about coronavirus with words that read,

“MADE a feature film called “CORONAVIRUS” It is shot entirely during LOCKDOWN. It will be WORLD’S FIRST FILM ON Coronavirus subject… Our actors and crew proved CREATIVITY cannot be LOCKED DOWN even in LOCKDOWN. Trailer tomorrow 26th 5 PM #CORONAVIRUSFILM @shreyaset”.

He also mentioned in his tweet,

“Physical distancing under the tutelage of KCR… A pic from CORONAVIRUS film ..A CM creations Production ..Trailer release tmrw 26th 5 PM #CORONAVIRUSFILM”.

Ram Gopal Varma Lockdown
Ram Gopal Varma Lockdown

And also,

“Family distancing in a pic from CORONAVIRUS …The film is shot on the LOCKDOWN during the LOCKDOWN #CORONAVIRUSFILM #CMcreations @shreyaset”

Whilst sharing the trailer, Varma’s tweet read as,

“Here is the CORONAVIRUS film trailer…The story is set in a LOCKDOWN and it has been SHOT during LOCKDOWN  ..Wanted to prove no one can stop our work whether it’s GOD or CORONA @shreyaset”

Talking about the film industry resuming its work amidst the ongoing nationwide coronavirus lockdown. A team of leading filmmakers met Maha CM: Udhav Thackeray recently to acquire necessary permissions and got a positive response in return.


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