Ram Gopal Varma’s Coronavirus April Fool Joke Backfires on Him 

‘My doctor just told me, I tested positive with Coronavirus‘: These were Ram Gopal Varma’s words that he used after he decided to have some fun on April Fools’ Day but instead ended up having a social media backlash.

Ram Gopal Varma’s Coronavirus April Fool Joke Backfires On Him

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is popular for attracting controversies in one way or another. But this time he bore the brunt of the netizens in a very quick response. Here is the sequence of events. During the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and April Fools’ Day, RGV decided to have some fun at the expense of his fans but it backfired on him immediately.

Yesterday Ram Gopal Varma made a tweet wherein the Producer-Director revealed that he has been tested positive for coronavirus only to call it an April Fools’ joke later in the day.

Ram Gopal Varma’s Coronavirus April Fool Joke Backfires On Him

After getting slammed by the netizens, RGV realized that Coronavirus jokes are a strict no both in physical and online worlds. So, an apologizing RGV wrote,

“Sorry to disappoint, but now he tells me it’s an April Fool joke (Flushed face) it’s his fault and not mine.”

RGV further clarified that he thought of making the situation lighter. He tweeted,

“Anyway I am just trying to make light of a grim situation but the joke is on me and if I didn’t offend anyone I sincerely apologise to them”.

RGV concluded his tweet with words that read,

“This is not April Fool ..My purugu song in 3 hours crossed the TFI celebrity song of 3 days views ..Why why why ??? https://youtu.be/EFzOA0-jfOo

Have a look at some of the tweets below:


Sometime back yesterday, talking about his song, Ram had also teased,

“Corona Purugu Full song tested positive and after getting cured, it will now release after 1 hour at 6.30 pm”.

Ram Gopal Varma’s Coronavirus April Fool Joke Backfires On Him

RGV had further tweeted about COVID-19 stating,

“Though uneducated, Madame Corona our new teacher taught us so many new things in the English language like 1.Social distancing 2.shelter in place 3. Lockdown 4.Flatten the curve 5.Immunocompromised 6.Self isolation 7.Personal Protective equipment etc”.

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