Rajinikanth’s Arrest Demanded For ‘Into The Wild With Bear Grylls’ Shoot

Wildlife activists are demanding the arrest of South Superstar: Rajinikanth for shooting in Bandipur forest for ‘Into the Wild with Bear Grylls’.

Rajinikanth’s fans were over the moon after the news came out that their favorite star is going to be a part of popular international show Into the Wild with Bear Grylls and at last making his television debut.

Rajinikanth Into The Wild With Bear Grylls
Rajinikanth Into The Wild With Bear Grylls

Rajinikanth has recently wrapped up shooting his episode with Bear Grylls at Bandipur National Forest in the state of Karnataka. And he shared his experience via his social media channel saying,


“Thank you very much dear @BearGrylls for an unforgettable experience … love you. @DiscoveryIN thank you.”


Have a look at his tweet:

Whilst the Rajinikanth fans are eagerly waiting for the airing of episode and how it will all pan out, several people have voiced their displeasure at Rajinikanth shooting in the forest. As per a report in the Times of India, several activists have demanded Rajinikanth’s arrest for shooting the episode in the national forest. In the filed complaint, they have stated that the superstar shooting in the forest might cause harm to the animals residing there.

Some reports also suggest that one of the wildlife activists named Joseph Hoover wants the shoot to take place in the monsoon season which in turn would have reduced the chances of a forest fire.

On the other hand, Rajinikanth, in a statement urged fans to save water. He said,

“Into The Wild is a truly unique show, at one level it offers adrenaline-pumping action, while at another, the show lends itself beautifully to driving a specific purpose for the larger good of society.”

Interestingly, Rajinikanth is the 2nd person after Indian PM Narendra Modi who shot with Bear for his show and following in the Duo’s footsteps Bollywood action man: Akshay Kumar landed in Mysore yesterday and reached the location to shoot for an episode with Bear for his hit show.


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