Rajinikanth Revealed The Budget of His Upcoming Film at 2.0 Trailer Launch

The second installment of the super hit 2010 Tamil film, Enthiran, 2.0 has created quite a buzz since its first look posters were officially released in 2016 and now the grand 2.0 trailer launch on Saturday in Chennai unveiled what we have coming our way. Enthiran’s Hindi version, Robot featuring Aishwarya Rai and Rajinikanth in the lead roles, was a big hit all over the country which prompted the makers to take its sequel to a new level. And now, Dr. Vaseegaran and Chitti are coming back.

2.0 is also being shot in both the languages, Tamil and Hindi and is being dubbed in 13 different languages. Just like the first one, popular Tamil director and the producer, S. Shankar has written and directed the film.

2.0 Trailer Rajinikanth

Though there were speculations about the movie’s budget to be nearly around 500 crores, at the trailer launch of the film, 2.0, Rajinikanth sir revealed the budget of the film which is magnanimous by the figure and he believes, it is Shankar, the director’s commitment and vision that will make this movie a blockbuster. He said,

“Mark my words, the film will be a super hit. Advance wishes to Shankar and Lyca Productions. Nearly Rs. 600 crore has been spent on the film. The film wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Lyca,”

He further went on to rave about the man who did not give up on his vision. He added,

“This is not a Rajinikanth film. The money has been spent on one man Shankar, who has never failed to entertain audiences. This is his vision and I laud Lyca Productions for backing him,”

In fact, not just Rajini sir but the A.R. Rahman who is the music composer of the film also enthusiastically admired Shankar for his professionalism. He said,

“What’s good about Shankar is this project, he is the right person. Anyone else would have broken by now. He is like an Iron Man held on to it saying “I won’t compromise. I want this quality.” It’s in 3D, I just watched one song. No CG on it…mind blowing. Only this guy can do this. And there is a whole climax scene, which is incredible.”

2.0 Teaser Akshay Kumar Rajinikanth

Later, he went on to say,

“And for an Indian to think like that we are blessed to have [Shankar]. And, of course, Superstar [Rajinikanth] and Akshay ji.”

Shankar also spoke about Rajinikanth’s role in the film at the trailer launch. He said,

“Audiences will see him as scientist Vaseegaran, robot Chitti and 2.0 version of Chitti. There will also be a giant version of Chitti in the climax. We also have another version but we’d like to keep that as a surprise,”


He added,

“When we were all set to shoot the climax in a stadium in Delhi, Rajini sir fell ill. Six months of planning had gone into the preparation of the climax which was supposed to be shot in 40 days. Despite his bad health, Rajini sir insisted that we go ahead with the shoot. We shot in extremely hot temperature. Rajini sir had to shoot wearing 12 kilo robotic suit. We were stunned by his commitment.”

The 2.0 team is not shying away from giving each other the credit they deserve and this positive outlook makes us believe that the film would be nothing but a super hit. If you haven’t already, check the trailer out here:

Akshay Kumar, Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson starrer film has been postponed twice for release and now finally is all set to make it to the big screen on 29th November 2018.


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