Rahul Vaidya Proposes Marriage to Disha Parmar on Her Birthday

Rahul Vaidya Proposes to Disha Parmar:

In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss season 14, the world will see the Bollywood playback singer, Rahul Vaidya go weak at his knees. Rahul Vaidya, who constantly denied being in a relationship with anyone before entering the house, has shocked the entire world with his proposal to his girlfriend.

In the promo of Bigg Boss, Rahul is seen wearing a t-shirt that says, “Disha Parmar, Will You Marry Me?”. The singer confessed his feelings for his girlfriend and said that he has known her for two years and it took him so long to confess his feelings for her but because of this house, he has finally realized how much he loves her and values their relationship even more. In his words, he said, I have known this girl for last two years. Her name is Disha Parmar. I have never been so nervous! Disha! I think you are the most beautiful person in the world. I have no clue why I took so long to ask you: Will you marry me?”

The entire house was dancing and cheering for him, as Rahul adds that he will wait for the answer. At the same time, everyone was shocked because Rahul had never talked about his past relations or present relationships inside the house, however, that doesn’t gauge his love for the Pyaar Ka Dard Hai actress Disha Parmar. Apparently, it’s Disha Parmar’s bday today and that’s why Rahul decided to propose her on the National television to make her day more special.

Rahul Vaidya Disha Parmar
Rahul Vaidya Disha Parmar

Right before entering the house, in an interview, Rahul Vaidya said, “Honestly, Disha Parmar is just a good friend. We were never in love and anything was going on between us. I have a lot of female friends with whom I go on dinners, but what happens is that since Disha is famous we get linked together. I put up pictures with other female friends also, but as they are not famous I don’t get linked with them. But whenever I share pictures with Disha Parmar people start discussing that we are dating each other. Also, we have done a music video together so we got linked.”

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