R Madhavan To Play The Main Lead In THIS Person’s Biopic; Shahrukh Khan’s Cameo Appearance Confirmed?

R Madhavan, the only pan Indian star working for OTT stories, has said yes to another web series on Netflix. Sources have revealed that the shooting of the series has also started. Meanwhile, Madhavan has categorically denied the news that he would soon be seen playing a role in Ratan Tata’s bipoic.

R Madhavan

Madhvan’s web series ‘Breath’ has been at number one in the first homegrown web series that attracted the attention of OTTs as soon as OTT was launched in the country. This series is also among the selected Hindi web series, which was seen the most in the world. Madhavan was also offered special appearances and cameo roles in all the films during the lockdown, but sources say that he had refused to do any special appearances. Meanwhile, there was a news on social media that R Madhavan is going to make another biopic in which he will be seen as the country’s famous businessman Ratan Tata.

Actually, a picture is being shared on social media in which R Madhavan’s picture is shown on the biography of Ratan Tata. Seeing this picture, people guessed that R Madhavan is definitely going to make a biopic of Ratan Tata! This question was also asked by his fans on social media. And, answering these questions, R Madhavan made it clear that he is not doing a biopic of Ratan Tata. Madhavan was asked on social media, ‘R. Madhavan, is it right that you are going to play the lead role in Ratan Tata’s biopic? If that happens, it will be inspiring for many people. Replying to this question, Madhavan wrote, ‘Unfortunately this news is not true at all. This is just the desire of some of my fans that made this poster. The reality is that neither such a project is proposed nor is any negotiation going on.’

After this reply by R. Madhavan, the desire of his fans to see him as Ratan Tata has ended. R. Madhavan is definitely working on a biopic. This biopic is of Nambi Narayanan, a renowned scientist of ISRO. Madhavan himself plays the role of Nambi Narayanan in this biopic and is titled ‘Rocketry – The Nambi Effect’. The special thing about this biopic is that R. Madhavan has also ventured into the world of direction with it. This story of Nambi Narayanan will reflect the struggle and success of his overall life. Nambi Narayanan was accused of espionage while working at the Indian Space Research Organization. However, he was later acquitted of all charges. In the movie, Shahrukh Khan will also be seen making a cameo appearance which makes the film even more special.

Information has also been received that after informing the world about the successful use of growing coconut on wastelands in South India, Madhavan is bact to the North. There are reports of a new web series being shot in Delhi, the country’s capital. It is said that he is doing these web series for Netflix, although its official information has not been released by Madhavan or Netflix.

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