Priyanka Chopra to Party With Nick Jonas and Family On August 18

Our desi girl, Priyanka Chopra has been a very hot topic these days in the media because of the news of her relationship with the American singer Nick Jonas. According to the reports, the couple is already engaged and very soon they are going to make an official announcement of the date of their marriage. They both surely look amazing together and this pair has been really loved by the Bollywood as well as the Hollywood fans. The reports suggest that the couple is planning to get married in the month of September and now the fans are just waiting for the final official announcement.

Priyanka Chopra to party with Nick Jonas

Talking more about the couple, they have been snapped many times at the Mumbai airport and recently also they were snapped exiting the airport. The news has also come that the American star, Nick Jonas had closed down Tiffany & Co store to buy the perfect ring for Pee Cee. In the month of June, this star came to meet Priyanka’s family and according to further information, Nick Jonas proposed our Desi Girl on her birthday to which she said yes and they even got engaged on Priyanka’s birthday.

According to the recent reports, Priyanka Chopra is planning to throw a party in the month of August in Mumbai and she has already sent messages to her closed ones which include both, her family and close friends. Her birthday was on 18th July and her bash is exactly after one month which is 18th of August. It is also being presumed that the successful actress would make an official announcement of her relationship with Nick Jonas and it would surely be something for which the fans have been waiting since so long.

A source of DNA reveals,

“Priyanka has sent out messages to close friends and family members to set aside time on August 18 for a party. It’s exactly a month after her birthday and those close to the Quantico actress feel that she may make an official announcement about her relationship status at the bash. However, the venue of the do has kept under wraps.”

So the venue of the place where Priyanka’s bash would be held is still not disclosed and it is kept a secret. Her closed ones would be present there and she might make an official announcement of her relationship there. According to the sources, not only Nick Jonas but also this time Priyanka Chopra’s family would accompany her. She has been moving around with Nick Jonas here and there for a couple of trips and now her family would also be a part.

A source of DNA states,

“His family, too, is expected to join the couple for the trip. Nick, who was earlier a member of the band Jonas Brothers, is a part of a close-knit clan. In fact, PC and he took out time to attend the latter’s cousin’s wedding in June. They were also spotted on a double date with his brother Joe Jonas and his girlfriend Sophie Turner.”

So now the reports state that the couple could get hitched in the month of  September and that too on Nick’s birthday which is on 16th September. It would be the 26th Birthday of Nick Jonas and the couple definitely seems very excited to begin their new life. According to the reports of India Today, Nick Jonas once expressed his desire to have a family. He said,

“Having a family of my own is the goal. It’s definitely something that I hope will happen. I am not sure of the exact timeline. But, I need to give my nieces cousins at some point.”

So now it seems like Nick would be getting all of it very soon now and that too with our Desi Girl. As of now, the reports are confirmed that Priyanka Chopra would be throwing a party in the month of August and the fans can expect an official announcement of her relationship with Nick Jonas. Let’s hope that they start their new married life very soon and we wish all good for the adorable couple.

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