Priyanka Chopra Answers Whether Being Married To Nick Jonas Has Changed Her As A Person

There is an old saying that marriage changes people. The saying goes for both the partners. So, when Priyanka Chopra who is currently in India for the promotion of her Bollywood comeback project: ‘The Sky Is Pink‘, was asked a very simple, but yet unanswered question whether marriage to Nick Jonas has changed her as a person. She replied,

“I’ve become nicer and happier. This is the most content I’ve been in a really long time and full credit to my husband who has a calming presence while I run a million miles a minute. We are like each other’s Yin and Yang, that’s what you want to find in your partner.”

was giving an interview to Mumbai Mirror and said,

Our Marriage Has A Lot Of Mutual Respect & Admiration

“I can only relate to what I saw with my parents’ marriage. That was a marriage of equals, there was a lot of mutual respect and admiration. Nick and I have that too.”


How Nick Adds Up As A Hubby 

“He is the most considerate man I’ve ever met. In everything he does, Nick puts me first. It’s wonderful to wake up every day and know that there is this person who thinks about you even before you think about yourself. That’s eventually what you want, someone who loves you like a hug.”

Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas
Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas

Nick Is Like Her Dad’s Copy In Another Avatar

“The more I get to know him, yes. I feel I have married someone who is my dad’s chhavi (shadow). Not just the music, they are both very stable, solid, rooted and dependable.”

When someone gets married, then the talk about children in the coming future is the usual one for the couple and especially for the fairer sex.

What Kind Of A Father Would Nick Be

“We will find out. It’s a hypothetical question about a hypothetical future.”

Meanwhile, her Bollywood comeback project: The Sky Is Pink will hit Indian theaters on 11th of the coming month.


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