Prabhas And Shraddha Kapoor Fans Need To Wait For ” Saaho”

Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor starrer Saaho was expected to release on 15th Aug 2019 i.e. Independence Day Eve.

The silver screen visitors were eagerly waiting to see Prabhas in a full-fledged role in a Hindi movie. This Baahubali actor has been leaving little surprises for his fan base with his upcoming movie Saaho.

Prabhas And Shraddha Kapoor Fans Will Have To Wait
Prabhas And Shraddha Kapoor Fans Will Have To Wait

His Saaho co-star Shraddha Kapoor helped him learn Hindi for the role and he helped Shraddha out in Tamil and Telugu versions.

As we all know that on Independence Day Eve, Akshay Kumar’s: Mission Mangal and John Abraham’s: Batla House are also arriving on silver screens. So, in the dark of the tuesday that just passed by rumours started floating in about Prabhas-Shraddha Kapoor starrer Saaho being postponed to August 30.

This is just a rumor for now, in the absence of official confirmation.

However, a source informed The Hans India, that this delay could be attributed to some pendency in VFX output.

“A particular sequence in the movie requires heavy VFX shots and the team is already working on it but they are not sure of delivering the output in time if the release date is 15th August.”

It also added that more clarification on the matter is expected in the coming 2-3 days.

Another reason behind the birth of rumors of postponement is to give way, amidst too many movie releases.

Apart from Mission Mangal, Batla House and Netflix: Sacred Games 2, even some South Indian films like Ranarangam and Evaru are slated to release on August 15th.

It thus appears that the Saaho makers might come on a later day either due to delay in VFX work or to avail maximum benefit of delayed-release.

There is something entirely unrelated but a lot interesting about the movie Bahubali, that brought global fame to Prabhas. Indian Space Agency (ISRO’s) GSLV: MK III that is supposed to give India an entry into the elite space club of India, Russia, and China, is also named: Bahubali.

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