Pihu Movie Download in 720p HD Quality

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Pihu is a Bollywood film directed by Vinod Kapri which features Prerna Vishwakarma and Myra Vishwakarma in the major roles. This film is based on a two-year-old baby girl who’s living in a house where the adults are going through a very complex phase. So being a toddler, this two-year-old baby girl is occasionally trapped in accidental situations.

This film is produced by Ronnie Screwvala and was released on 28th September 2018. The film has already been screened at the prestigious film festivals.

Pihu Movie Download
Pihu Movie Download

The runtime of this film is 1 hour 29 minutes. The movie revolves around a two years old Pihu who tries to wake her unresponsive mother. After trying a lot she finally gives up and then starts exploring the spacious apartment which was very messy after the last night’s birthday party. This girl goes up and down while searching food where she also tries to negotiate the microwave, stove. She also burns her toast in the process as she gets distracted by her father’s phone calls who is just trying to reach his wife as he is out of town.

Pihu Movie Download
Pihu Movie Download

We see this two-year-old girl messing up everything in her house and leaves an overflowing sink, risking a fall, forgets to turn off the flame on the stove and her Mummy is not waking up in the meanwhile.

This film will make you laugh your hearts out and the acting of this 2-year-old girl is just phenomenal. You’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout the film and the performance of Pihu will surely leave you mesmerized.

Pihu Movie Download
Pihu Movie Download

The film received a great response from the critics and the plot of the film is really good. Each scene in the film is organized in a very proper way and so the direction of this film is really commendable.

You’ll definitely remain completely engaged throughout the film and you’ll just enjoy the breathtaking performance of a two years old girl. Her cute on-screen presence is surely going to win the hearts of many Bollywood fans. Vinod Kapri has done a great job with this film.

Pihu Movie Download
Pihu Movie Download

It’s definitely not an easy task to make such a good film with just a two years old girl. All credits to Vinod Kapri and his team. The script of this film has also been written by Vinod Kapri and it has also been written in a very organized way.

Vinod Kapri adjusts the pace of the film in a very perfect manner which makes this emotional thriller film worth watching. This film is the first of its kind film to have such a small protagonist throughout the film.

Vinod Kapri has surely been one of the most talented directors of the Indian film industry and has also been a national award winner.

On the other hand, the producers Ronnie Screwvala and Kapur have been really great producers and are known for their amazing projects like ‘The Lunchbox’ and ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla’. Their work has been highly recognized and has also received several accolades. The fans are again expecting something unique out of them with their film ‘Pihu’ now.

The digital version of the movie is now available to download in full HD quality and the link is given below:

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