Pankaj Tripathi Says His Journey Is A Proof That The Film Industry Is Not As Bad As It Is Said To Be

Pankaj Tripathi who played the role of Kaleen Bhaiya in Mirzapur 2 was loved & received well by the audiences and critics. However, he says he took his own time while watching Mirzapur.

Pankaj said:

“I have watched five episodes, five more to go. I fast forward the show. I watch my own scenes and fast forward other’s scenes. I shouldn’t do this though

Talking about his journey in the film industry, Tripathi told HT reflecting that while everyone gets a chance to work, ‘outsiders’ have to work harder.

“When you come to the industry as outsider, you have to make seven runs in one ball – hit a sixer and then run and take one more. That is the fun of it. Make the most out of the chances you get. My journey is a proof that film industry is not as bad as it is said to be.”

On the work front, Pankaj Tripathi is all set to play yet another don, this time in Anurag Basu’s Ludo, which will release on the OTT Platform Netflix.

In the film, he plays ‘Sattu’ while sporting a leather jacket & yellow glares. He said:

“I also want to wear yellow glasses and red shoes on screen. No one ever gives me that chance. Sattu has a sweet little love story, people will not remember him as a gangster once they are done with the film.”

Recently, he also made an appearance in Neha Dhupia’s chat show No Filter Neha where he was asked about his highest-paying role. To this, Triptahi said that his asking price has only been going up. He said:

 “This is a most difficult question.Currently, I feel like the set I’m working on now, that one… and the last film that I shot for, that paid me a lot. With each film that I do, I keep breaking the record of the last film in terms of money.”

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