Outsiders Launched by Mahesh Bhatt in Bollywood 

Outsiders Launched by Mahesh Bhatt:

There’s an on-going war on Nepotince since time immemorial. A lot of fans have come forward to express their hatred towards the indifference faced by the outsiders in the Industry. People on social media have blamed Bollywood stars like Mahesh Bhatt and Karan Johar for practicing Nepotism in the Industry and giving a white flag to the outsiders. Let us have a look at all the outsiders which were introduced in the industry through Mahesh Bhatt films. 

 1. Anupam Kher 

One of the most lovable, talented, and hard-working actors of the industry Anupam Kher’s debut movie was Saaransh. His debut role was an unconventional one. He was 28 at the time when he played a 60-year-old father struggling with the loss of his son. 

 2. Rahul Roy 

Rahul Roy became an overnight Bollywood star post his debut movie, Aashiqui. This movie is known for its amazing soundtrack, and it became a blockbuster in the year it was released. 

 3. Sushmita Sen 

Miss Universe 1994, Sushmita Sen’s first movie as an actor was Dastak that also starred Sharad Kapoor, and Mukul Dev. The story revolves around a man who gets obsessed with Sushmita, and she seeks police protection for the same. 

 4. John Abraham 

John Abraham was a famous model at that time. Consequently, He appeared in a lot of commercials that made him famous. He got his first break in Mahesh Bhatt’s movie Jism opposite Bipasha Basu. 

 5. Kangana Ranaut

The queen of Bollywood and three times National Award winner, Kangana Ranaut was launched by Mahesh Bhatt’s film Gangster. Her performance was appreciated, and she became a huge star inspiring millions of people all across the globe. 

 6. Anu Aggarwal 

Another female model who was brought in to films was Anu Aggarwal. She was the female lead in the romantic movie Aashiqui. Her performance was applauded, and it kickstarted her career in the industry.  

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