Old Indian Films That Deserve Our Attention And Respect

Making a film and marketing, are two different and equally important things. But sometimes, when a film is made, the appreciation for the work comes after the film has won any prestigious award. It comes into the highlight, and that’s when people start watching it and it becomes famous. We are here to appreciate some of the most brilliant works in cinema that are too hard to ignore. They will blow your mind with its creativity and realness.

1. Sant Tukuram

Old Indian Films Deserve Attention
Old Indian Films Deserve Attention

This movie was made way back in 1937. It was directed by Vishnupant Govind Dhamle and Sheikh Fattelal. Needless to say, this movie created history as it becomes the first Indian movie to international recognition as it won a special prize at the Venice Film Festival.

2. Neecha Nagar

This movie was directed by Chetan Anand. It gave birth to parallel cinema and won the Grand Prix du Festival International du Film at Cannes.

3. Do Bigha Zamin

Do Bigha Zamin was directed by Bimal Roy and it starred Balaraj Sahni and Nirupa Roy. This movie was nominated for many international awards and gathered attention from across the globe. It won the prestigious, also won the Prix Internationale at the 1954 Cannes Film festival.

4. Pather Panchali

Old Indian Films Deserve Attention
Old Indian Films Deserve Attention

Satyajit Ray directed this exceptionally beautiful film. It won the Palme d’Or for Best Human Document at the 1956 Cannes Film festival.

5. Aparajito

Again, this splendid beauty was directed by Satyajit Ray that won o won Golden Lion, at the Venice film festival. It’s one of the most distinguished awards in the film industry. How great is that!!

6. Kharij

This mastermind behind this Bengali film is Mrinal Sen. This movie is often translated as “The Case is Closed”. The movie made it to the Cannes film festival winning a Special Jury Prize in 1983.

7. Salaam Bombay

This beautiful film made Indians proud. Maira Nair’s movie took India to the nominations list for the Academy Awards in 1988. It won prestigious awards like the Camera d’Or and the Audience Award at the Cannes film festival.

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