10 Old Hindi Movies Which Prove That Old Was Indeed Gold

We all have heard great stories about the Indian Cinema when it was a time of our fathers and grandfathers. They all appreciate it and they’re clear that no movie if such standards are made today. The plot and the classic feeling is lost somewhere, but one thing is still very clear, “Old is Gold”. Old Movies are still watched by those who understand their serenity.

Scroll down and check 10 Old Hindi Movies which will prove that old was indeed gold.


Pyaasa, meaning “thirsty”, is, of course, the best Indian movies of its time. It’s about finding compassion, in the times which were cold, just after the Independence of India. Vijay, disowned by his family, and scorned by his friends and colleagues, lives his life in vain until a prostitute shelters him. He is a writer, poet, and he becomes an overnight sensation due to is creativity, but people assume he’s dead.


The story depicts Indian history, the Mughal’s rule on India. The movie portrays the fourth Mughal Emperor, Jahangir, also known as Salim, falling in love with a dancer in his court, named Anarkali. The dancer isn’t royal blood, so no one agrees of their marriage, and Salim rages a war against his father, Akbar to get married to her.


At the turn of the age, somewhere in a Muslim grandeur, Pakeezah is a courtesan and dancer who dreams of leaving her life behind as a dancer for pleasure, when a stranger falls in love with her in a train compartment, not knowing her true profession making her feel ashamed. This movie is among the best musical movies made in India.

Mother India

The main character of the movie, Radha, gets her family struck by adversities and tragedies. She takes the determination of taking the personal and social adversities to herself and in doing so, she is evolved as a completely new person, stronger, the better, and this is an epitome to what women should be, better than everyone else.


This movie is based on the novel by RK Narayan, Guide. In the story, a businessman transforms into a saint, a spiritual guide, thinking that is the way to get the idol village, which it was before it was exacerbated by drought. This movie had very soothing music to accompany the plot and gained critical appreciation.

Kaaghaz Ke Phool

Kaaghaz Ke Phool is all about the dark side of Fame, and success. A celebrated director sees that the film industry is full only of glitz and glamour and not much of a talent. He discovers a new actress, who is free from the corruption of the film industry, free from the glamour and arrogance,  and thinks he has his muse to his restlessness. The movie was fine but gained some critics due to objectifying women. Overall, the movie had a splendid plot.


Old Hindi Movies

One of the boldest movies of Indian Cinema. This movie has a female character, who is a lawyer and is fighting to save her lover and prove his innocence, in the murder attempt on the life of a respected judge. The movie flashbacks and we see that the judge who condemned him his punishment, claims to be his father, a man who threw his wife on the streets after learning that she was raped by a criminal. The movie had an amazing feel and reminded us of William Shakespeare.

Sahib, Bibi Aur Ghulam

Old Hindi Movies

A woman, desperate to save her marriage, the younger daughter-in-law of a wealthy family, she was married into does whatever it takes and sacrifices her moral boundaries to win over her alcoholic husband she was married to with a disguise. The movie provides a nostalgic glimpse into the decaying Bengali feudal system, Sahib, Bibi, Aur Ghulam undresses a dazzling murder mystery in the movie, at the heart of its progressive view of societal redemption that it portrays.


The movie is full of complex emotions.  A woman, whose husband dies in a war, understands that she’ll not be able to provide an upbringing for her son. She hands him away in adoption and then worships the dead soul of her husband, and her son, whom she watches growing every day. This worship of her, this “Aradhana” give the immense blessing of her life because sacrificed.

Do Bigha Zameen

Old Hindi Movies
Old Hindi Movies

The movie is typical on the farming front, where a family with the agricultural occupation, take their head and soul together and put it to protect their ancestral land where they farm, from a cunning mill owner, who wishes to capture it and make his industry.

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