O Saki Saki Star: Nora Fatehi Talks About Her Those Harrowing Struggle Days

Nora Fatehi has cemented her place in the film industry through her sheer perseverance. In a recent sitting with Pinkvilla, she shared her days of struggles i.e. when she was trying to get a foothold in the industry. She recounted several instances of getting bullied by casting agents, being cheated by agencies, and harassed by insecure roommates.

O Saki Saki Star Nora Fatehi
O Saki Saki Star Nora Fatehi

Nora who also featured in a song in the hugely popular Baahubali, with a small stint in Big Boss had to wait for recognition in the industry, until the opportunity to do song ‘Dilbar’ in Satyameva Jayate came her way. Her dance moves especially those belly dance ones has earned her recognition in the industry as a dancer with unmatched skills. But as usual every success comes with its own story of struggles, so Nora isn’t an exception.

Nora revealed,

“Life for foreigners in India is very difficult. We go through a lot and people don’t even know. They take our money. It’s happened to me. I remember my first agency who got me here from Canada. They were really aggressive in terms of behavior and I didn’t feel like I was guided the right way. So I wanted to leave them and in order to do that, they told me ‘ we are not going to give you your money’ And I lost 20 lakhs at that time, which I had made from my ad campaigns. But I thought sacrificing it would be for a bigger picture.”

All this didn’t stop at that for her, she further added,

“I had to share an apartment with 8 girls. I walked into this apartment, I was shocked and I was freaking out. My roommates stole my passport, I had to leave India and go back to Canada for a while.”

She faced a lot of trouble and was bullied both because of her language barrier and nationality.

These were her exact words,

“I started learning Hindi but the auditions were very traumatic for me. I wasn’t really mentally prepared and I made a fool of myself. People were really unforgiving. They wouldn’t just be mean, they would laugh in front of my face as if I’m some circus. They would bully me. It was humiliating. I used to cry while traveling back to my home. There was this one casting agent who once told me, ‘We don’t need you here. Go back’. I’ll never forget that.”


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