Nora Reacts To Koena’s Remarks On Her Version of ‘Saki Saki’

Nora Fatehi has responded to Koena Mitra’s tweet on Saki Saki remake that featured her. Whenever one hears Nora’s name, the first thing that comes to mind is some mind-blowing dance moves!

After the mind-blowing success of ‘Dilbar’, Nora is back in a sizzling form in Batla House’s song, ‘Saki Saki’, which is a recreated version of Sanjay Dutt-Koena Mitra’s iconic song from ‘Musafir’. While Nora’s scintillating dance moves left netizens asking for more, there were a few who were unimpressed and they began trolling her on twitter for this disappointment.

Nora Reacts To Koena’s Remarks On Her Version of ‘Saki Saki’
Nora Reacts To Koena’s Remarks On Her Version of ‘Saki Saki’

Koena Mitra, who starred in the original track, was also one amongst them. She called the recreated version a mess in his tweet.

In a recent sitting with Mumbai Mirror, Nora reacted to Koena’s criticism. Confident about the efforts that she put in, for this track to be a success. She said,

“I don’t think it’s really criticism, everyone’s entitled to an opinion and you have to respect that. At the end of the day we are discussing music, which is very subjective.”

She further added,

“Everyone will not like the same genre or style of music, right? Personally, I set a benchmark with Dilbar and I have to work towards surpassing it. After that, it’s for the audience to decide if they like you or not.”

Nora Reacts To Koena’s Remarks On Her Version Of ‘Saki Saki’
Nora Reacts To Koena’s Remarks On Her Version of ‘Saki Saki’

Meanwhile, Sanjay Dutt who was also their in the original version alongside Koena gave the song a thumbs up. He said,

“It’s great that these songs are being recreated, it means that they are still popular. It’s a good thing.”

After all, not everything in the industry is remade, unless and until it was a proven success, at the very first attempt.

Below is what Koena tweeted,

“My song from Musafir #Saaki Saaki” has been recreated. Sunidhi, Suhwinder, Vishal, Shekhar combination was outstanding. Didn’t like the new version, it’s a mess! This song had crashed many blockbusters! Why batlahouse, why? P. S: Nora is a stunner. Hope she saves our pride.”

Koena didn’t stop at this and during an interview to BT, she said,

“I saw the new soundtrack and I didn’t like the remake of the original ‘O Saki Saki’. The video could have been shot much better. Our video was very powerful; it has a separate fan base and a great reputation. I feel such iconic songs should not be touched. Nowadays, most films are using old songs and remixing them. I don’t think it’s a good idea; they should create new ideas and videos. ‘Saaki Saaki’ and ‘Musafir’ is not old; it’s still fresh in our mind. I thought it was too early to recreate it again.”

After receiving a reaction from Nora and Sanjay Dutt also appreciating the remake all in public, Koena tried to mend the things for good and said some wise words,

“I saw the video again today and I felt that Nora is the only saving grace. She is a fabulous dancer, she is beautiful and lovely and did it in her style. The flavor of our video was different. Nora has done a good job and she can save our pride.”

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