Nishant Singh Malkhani Calls Jaan Kumar Sanu “Very Harmful”

Bigg Boss 14 is a house full of controversies. Every other day we see different equations between the contestants. Some may try to improve their image on National Television, others might try to find their true soul mate inside the house; we can never tell what really goes in the head of these contestants.

Finding a true soul mate side the house might sound very dreamy and attractive, but in reality, people who have lived in that house have a different idea of it. Nishant Singh Malkhani was recently evicted from the Bigg Boss house and after the eviction, he gave pretty shocking revelations about the participants of the show.

Nishant Jaan Kumar Sanu
Nishant Jaan Kumar Sanu

Last week along with Kavita Kaushik, Nishant Singh got evited. He shared a good bond with singer Jaan Kumar Sanu inside the house but on bing evicted he said that Jaan is not using his brain to the game. He went on to say that Pavitra Punia, Nikki Tamboli, Rahul Vaidya, and Eijaz Khan are “selfish”. In an interview, Nishant said, “No one is fake anymore, everyone’s real colours are showing. People who are looking bad, mean and selfish on the show are actually that. Be it Pavitra, Nikki, Rahul, or Eijaz. These are all very selfish, spineless people, who only think for their benefit, and for that, they can cheat anybody in the house. I considered Jaan (Kumar Sanu) my closest friend, I tried to be there for him, but I paid a very heavy price for it.”

Nishant Jaan Kumar Sanu
Nishant Jaan Kumar Sanu

Furthermore, Nishant said that Jaan has completely infatuated with Nikki and that’s why Jaan doesn’t use his brain anymore. He does whatever Nikki tells him to do. Even Nikki is are of the fact that Jaan likes her, but she is using Jaan’s support ad care to win the show. Nishant said, “Nikki is using Jaan completely from day one. She has found an idiot who supports her when the entire house says she is wrong.

“Jaan is completely infatuated with Nikki, his brain does not work, when it comes to her. He is madly infatuated. But Nikki has no feelings for him or anybody else in the house, that’s very clearly visible and she even says that she doesn’t care. If he still runs behind her like a puppy, she does not mind, because she has a chamcha. Sometimes, it is him and sometimes it is Rahul.”

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