Netflix’s ‘Dark’ is One Web Series Made For Lockdown Days 

Netflix’s ‘Dark’ Made For Lockdown Days. ‘Dark’ is one web series that you can’t stop watching, during these lockdown days. It is for sure hard to watch but you cannot restrain yourself from watching it.

As all of us are locked indoors due to the coronavirus lockdown, the hunt to find something new to watch on Over-The-Top (OTT) providers has become even more ardent. If you are a fan of intense, mind-bending, spooky plots then here’s a web series that you should watch – Dark. Available on Netflix, it is a German-language show but also has an English dubbed version.

We feel sorry for Hindi speaking Netflix users.

The series is actually dark (no pun intended), taking place in both dim rooms and unlit garages in Winden, a town outside of Berlin where it is almost dark in each and every moment. It debuts with the mysterious disappearance of a boy who vanishes in circumstances similar to a disappearance  33 years ago, eventually leading to a discovery that the town has a spacetime wormhole that some have learned to navigate.

If this generates interest in you, then let me add that the disappearance coincides with weird phenomena – animals dropping dead, lights wildly flickering and flashing. There is an evil force behind all this, the villain, and it is TIME.

There’s also some amount of complicated relationships, sinful actions, and a bit of romance, but with a dark and shady twist to it.

The 1st season of Dark is a little slow-paced, but it does have twists that make you cling to it. As the episodes pass more plots are unraveled, meaning that a new revelation comes up in every episode while the main mystery is far from being solved.

Dark has been compared with Stranger Things, another Netflix hit. Whilst there are some similarities, both have a completely different concept. I would say Dark is, well, darker and weirder.

The series establishes a beautiful connection between past and present, in fact, of good and evil. It is messy, but there’s no doubt that conceptually, it’s just brilliant. As some have said, Dark is hard to watch but impossible to stop watching.

Have a look at its trailer:



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