Netflix Out-Trolls Zomato After it Tried to Troll Radhika Apte

Radhika Apte has been everywhere on the Netflix. She has done many TV series like ‘Lust Stories’, ‘Sacred Games’ and now ‘Ghoul’ also. There is surely too much of Radhika Apte on Netflix and now many memes are also being made on this talented actress on the social media. Well, the streaming service joined with Radhika Apte and director Vikramaditya Motwane and made two minutes behind scene video where they  ‘mock’ her ‘omnipresence’.

Well, the video was really good but still, that was just not enough. Zomato recently shared a post on social media which highlighted some items of paneer and compared it to Radhika Apte by writing,

“And you thought only Radhika is versatile.”

The reply of Netflix to this was just simply perfect and is gaining praise all over the social media.  In the picture above you can see what sort of a perfect reply Netflix had to this. And with this, Netflix wrote the caption,

“Well, she is everywhere.”

Radhika Apte Zomato Netflix

This reply of Netflix India to Zomato is getting viral everywhere on the social media. When Radhika Apte was questioned on these posts shared by Zomato and Netflix India, she said that she took it is a compliment. Radhika Apte said that she is very happy and she said that it is a really great compliment as Netflix is such a great platform. Radhika Apte told to PTI,

“I was very happy. I think it is a great compliment because it is such a great platform. Who would not like to be a part of the projects from Netflix.”

Radhika Apte also told that Netflix basically puts focus on the quality as it is a global platform. She said that Netflix will give you the freedom to choose topics and projects but they are very particular and rigid when it comes to quality. Radhika Apte says,

“With Netflix, what happens is that they stress on quality because it is a global platform. They will give you the freedom to choose topics, projects, and creative control but they are very particular about the quality.”

Radhika Apte Netflix Zomato

Radhika Apte has surely been a treat to watch in the Netflix series and she has been a part of some really exceptional Web series like ‘Lust Stories’, ‘Sacred Games’ and ‘Ghoul’ also now. Her acting in the Netflix shows has been phenomenal which has been immensely praised by the audiences. She is surely one of the most versatile actresses of the film industry and now her acting is being praised globally. She has turned out to be a really successful actress and with her exceptional acting in some of the Netflix shows, she has definitely proved her potential.

Now talking more about the post, both the tweets have received a great response on the social media. The post of Zomato collected more than 3,6oo likes and more than 1,100 retweets. Now talking about the tweet of Netflix India, it received more than 6,500 likes and more than 2,800 retweets.  Well, Netflix gained lots of praise on the social media for its smart reply and now we also have twitter saying “well played, Netflix.” This small debate between the food ordering search app, Zomato and Netflix has really been very interesting.

The fans also reacted to these posts and many interesting comments below could be noticed. One of the users commented,

“This couldn’t be more Apt (e). Where’s the popcorn btw?” Another user commented referring to the successful Netflix TV series, ‘Sacred Games’,  “Kabhi Kabhi toh lagta hai Netflix hi bhagwaan hai!.”

The fans are really enjoying this small battle between Zomato and Netflix but with the reply of Netflix, it is clear that ‘Netflix India’ has an upper hand this time. Well, the main point or we can say that the reason of the whole debate is that Radhika Apte is everywhere on the Netflix and she is surely winning the hearts of all her fans with her brilliant acting.

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