Here’s How the People and Critics Have Reacted To The Indian Original Netflix Series ‘Sacred Games’

Recently Netflix has released an Indian original web series named Sacred Games. The series was released worldwide on this Friday. Sacred Games is based on a novel which was written by Vikram Chandra. In this thriller series, Saif Ali Khan plays the leading role of an honest police officer and Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays the role of the most wanted gangster named Ganesh Gaitonde. The series is being highly praised by the people and the acting of Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin is totally being loved. The Indian critics have shown a positive response towards the show and have said all good things.

Talking more about the series, the story revolves around an underworld gangster who challenges an honest police officer named Sartaj Singh from time to time. The series involves elements of chaos, drama, thrill and action. It highlights the cat-mouse chase as Sartaj Singh is after the underworld gangster and makes many plans and efforts to catch him. The series is being totally loved by the people and the on-screen rivalry between Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddique makes it even more exciting.

Mostly the critics and other people have reacted in quite a positive way to this original Indian Netflix series and some also have negative opinions as well. Some people say that it’s really amazing and it involves the best performance of the star Saif Ali Khan. Many people have reacted on twitter and some people have just totally loved it which can be easily figured out with their comments. Vir Das who is a Bollywood actor has tweeted,

“What a great product! So happy for everyone involved with #SacredGames Happiest for all writers. This new wave of uncensored digital freedom will drive Indian content into some very good places.”

Many more celebrities have reacted and shown their love to the SacredGames team. Shakti Shetty tweeted,

“You’ll watch Sacred Games (2018) sooner or later. Undoubtedly the finest ‘desi’ thing out there on Netflix. Brilliant adaptation. Strong performances. Unabashed dialogues that’ll make you think. Not a boring moment in any of the 8 episodes. The only downside was the low volume.”

This tells how much the series is being praised by the fans and the acting of Saif Ali Khan in the series is just phenomenal. Not only the Indian critics but also the International critics have been talking about it.

The New York Times says,

“Replicating the constant juggle of styles and voices in “Sacred Games,” a feat stretched out over more than 900 pages in Mr. Chandra’s novel, is a major challenge on screen – despite its verve and visual inventiveness, the series feels muddled and a little wearying at times. (And a lot of cultural and historical references will go over the head of non – Indian viewers.) But as Gaitonde says, his story is like a scorpion – once it stings you, you’re done for.”

Not only the New York Times, but many other International critics also have a say on this series.

Netflix Sacred Games

The Hollywood reporter on the other side says,

“While a lot of references in Sacred Games might get lost in translation – and some of the deeper Hindu – Muslim divides might not register here the way they will with an Indian audience – the story (writers include Varun Grover, Smita Singh and Vasant Nath) is so timelessly American in its mobs/cops/city thematic trifecta that any fan of The Wire or even Martin Scorsese can relate to it immediately. Having seen half of the first season, I’m still unclear on whether the greater mystery – Singh having 25 hours to save the city – is about defusing a holy war, a terrorism threat or something more weirdly genre-inspired. But the early ride is a dark bullets-blood-and-sex tale that gets a fresher patina thanks to Mumbai as a central character and the allure of looking at a well worn story through an international lens.”


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