Top Netflix Series on Indian Guru That You Can Watch And Enjoy

Netflix Series on Indian Guru:

The online streaming giant Netflix is known for its original content and docudramas. From true incidents to documenting personalities to fictional representations, Netflix always has something to watch by. One such is the Netflix series on Indian guru called the Wild Wild Country.

This Netflix series revolves around the life and times of the very controversial Indian love guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh or Osho as he was popularly called. A premiere at the Sundance film festival, the Netflix series on the Indian guru was released on Netflix in 2018. The documentary revolves around Osho, his personal assistant Ma Anand Sheela and his followers at the Oregon based Rajneeshpuram community. The utopian community built by Rajneesh and its many resultant conflicts with the locals blew up into a national scandal.

Netflix Series on Indian Guru
Netflix Series on Indian Guru

The TV miniseries comprises 6 episodes that cover each and every aspect of the life of Rajneesh and his struggles with Ma Anand Sheela. The series chronicled one of the biggest scandals of the decade that rocked the United States of America. These included the first bioterror attack that took place in the country, illegal wiretapping and much more. The misunderstandings and the mistrust, loathing and fear, politics and a lust for power has been exhaustively shown in the Netflix series on the Indian guru Rajneesh. The ensuing violence, attempted murder, acts of terrorism and chemical warfare all of it forms the content of the mini-series Wild Wild Country.

The bearded Indian mystic who had a huge cult following, his meager beginnings in India and the way he and his followers were driven out of the country. Their relocation in the middle of nowhere in Oregon County and the resultant end of the community owing to its ingrown power struggles, the Netflix series touches all these and much more. Though the series did not get a very active response with the people, it did create a bit of flutter. The Netflix series on Indian guru Wild Wild Country is worth a watch.

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