Neil Nitish Mukesh Slams People Making Mockery of Coronavirus Lockdown

Bollywood Citizen: Neil Nitin Mukesh slammed people who have been stepping out unnecessarily amidst the ongoing nationwide coronavirus lockdown and putting lives of fellow Indians at risk.

Bollywood celebrities, from Akshay Kumar to Sanjay Dutt, all have been pleading with their fanbase to comply with the lockdown rules in order to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Neil Nitish Mukesh Slams People Making Mockery Of Coronavirus Lockdown

Disturbed by the continuing trend of some people who are stepping out amidst the lockdown and making a mockery of it. Actor Neil Nitin Mukesh took to his Instagram handle and slammed such irresponsible behaviour towards the society.

In a video message, Neil could be seen talking about the need of the hour to follow the lockdown.

“I know it isn’t easy, but we’ve to do this or else things might go out of hand. Reading reports of people misunderstanding the gravity of the situation and stepping out of their houses in large numbers is so disturbing. I also saw videos of some young boys stepping out, it is like they’re treating this to be some holiday.”

Neil Nitish Mukesh Slams People Making Mockery Of Coronavirus Lockdown

He also appreciated the work being done by both central and state governments all across the country to prevent the spread of the virus.

“Given our population they are doing a commendable job at every level.”

Neil further added about the crisis on the economic front, citing his own example.

“Two of my films got stuck, I don’t know their future. Yes, one can say I’m financially stable, but I also need to continue working. While 2020 might take an exit from the financial calendar, if we’re alive we can get things back on track again.”

Neil Nitish Mukesh Slams People Making Mockery Of Coronavirus Lockdown

Talking about how he and his family members are taking social distancing very seriously even at home, he says that his family members are staying separate, which he says is painful.

To be constructive during this free time, Neil is writing a film, a web show, doing painting and is also using a virtual keyboard to compose tunes.

Have a look at his post below:

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