Neha Kakkar and Priyank Sharma Slay in The New Music Video by Tony Kakkar

Tony Kakkar, brother of popular singer Neha Kakkar, who is also a singer and a composer has recently released his new single which is titled ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. The song got its hook line from the famous Karan Johar movie, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and the theme for this music video is set as school romance, but there is no relation in the composition with the movie or its title track.

Neha Kakkar Priyank Sharma Tony Kakkar

Of course, its backdrop and its catchy tunes stole our hearts already but the part in which Neha Kakkar enters in a special appearance as a newcomer and romances with Priyank Sharma grab all the limelight. Both of them could be seen in school uniforms and both of them just slayed their looks. Neha Kakkar and Priyank Sharma are seen after almost half video is over.

Neha Kakkar Priyank Sharma Tony Kakkar

While her brother Tony Kakkar, who is also the composer of the track is paired with Ankita Sharma, the talented TV actress with a charming beauty. They both are seen as a teenage couple and flirting with each other. But this is not the end, in this video, there is a treat for every dancer. As we all know the music video is choreographed by Melvin Louis and his team that includes, Arunima Dey, Elena Durgaryan, and Kiran J, we get to see Melvin Louis himself in a cameo role in this video. Also, Arunima Dey, Elena Durgaryan, and Kiran J could be seen grooving in this video.

Neha Kakkar Priyank Sharma Tony Kakkar

This video is full star-packed, besides all the stars mentioned above, this music video also features some of the leading bloggers on the Internet. The list includes Nagma Mirajkar, Aashika Bhatia, Vinay Thakur (AVR Prank TV), Muhfaad, Rohit Kumar, Akash Singh. These all are seen in school dresses and grooving their best on the beats.

Neha Kakkar Priyank Sharma Tony Kakkar

Earlier sometime some reports suggested that Neha Kakkar will soon be seen romancing with the ex Bigg Boss contestant Priyank Sharma in some project. It seems like this music video was the one that was reported and is really tremendous.

A few days back, Neha also released the female cover version of the famous heart Break song of the year 2018, ‘Tera Ghata’, which is originally composed and voiced by Gajendra Verma. Her version of the song got viral and grabbed many eyeballs. All the netizens were focused on drawing parallels with her break up with ex-flame Himansh Kohli in the comments section of the video on YouTube.

Neha Kakkar Priyank Sharma Tony Kakkar

Meanwhile, Neha Kakkar is recovering from what all happened in her life. In fact, not long ago, while performing in Ahemadabad, she broke down on stage while singing to ‘Maahi Ve’. Neha Kakkar is on a national tour and is performing in many cities. The video of her live performance had gone viral in which she is seen stammering and stopping in the middle of the song a number of times and to wipe tears and steady her voice before she finally finished her song and pulling herself together, she also apologizes to the audience saying,

“Sorry guys, no matter what happens in my personal life, I am here for you today, and the next song is dedicated to all those who have gathered for me here today.”

Nevertheless, it’s just a phase of life which we believe she will recover from soon till then, we all really enjoyed the new single ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ‘ by Tony Kakkar. What about you?

Watch the song here:

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