Neha Kakkar Invents ‘Move One’ Challenge on Social Media

After taking up the Pillow challenge, Indian Idol Judge cum Singer: Neha Kakkar has come up with a new challenge: ‘Move On’ challenge.

Being a celebrity it was expected that Neha Kakkar’s break-up with Himansh Kohli would become the talk of the town.

Neha Kakkar was one of the few celebrities hailing from India who embraced the pillow challenge. However, all of this didn’t stop here. The singer went one step ahead and introduced another challenge called the ‘Move On’ challenge, in which she could be seen moving on after crying.

For the unaware, Neha has been quite popular among memes after she managed to cry at the drop of a hat. Taking a dig at that, Kakkar invented a video in which she snobs with a tissue in her hand and then comes out in her glamorous avatar. Later on, her friend is seen with the tissue, and the challenge continues.

Neha shared the video with her audio single ‘Jinke Liye’. “Jinke liye hum rote hai, woh kisi aur ki baahon mein sote hai (The ones we cry for, lie in someone else’s arms),” being run in the background.

Have a look at her challenge below:

Neha’s relationship and break-up with Himansh Kohli make it to headlines every now-and-then. And a lot of people assumed that the singer could not move on easily which is why she often broke down on the sets of a TV show she hosted.

On the other hand, Neha embraced her glamorous avatar in the pillow challenge. She joined the group of Anne Hathway and Halle Berry as she took up the challenge. Kakkar, anyway, made a TikTok video on the same.

Have a look at her pillow challenge:

Talking about challenges popular in the market, a lot of challenges have gone viral during the extended coronavirus lockdown. A few of them include #MakeupBrushChallenge and #DontRushChallenge.


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