Neha Dhupia Fulfilled Every Suppressed Food Wish of Hers During Pregnancy 

Bollywood Actor: Neha Dhupia has revealed that one important thing she did during her pregnancy days:  ‘I Listened To Every Food Craving’.

Angad Bedi’s spouse: Neha Dhupia who became a mother to a baby girl: Mehr in November 2018, shared one thing that she did during her pregnancy and it was to indulge in every food craving that she had suppressed due to her career requirements in the last 15 years. Neha was talking at Pregathon, an event held in Mumbai with an aim to encourage the habit of fitness in expecting mothers.

Neha Dhupia Fulfilled Every Suppressed Food Wish Of Hers During Pregnancy 

“The one thing I did was I listened to every food craving of mine because I had curbed it all for 15 years. So I ate my heart out. But at the same time I exercised, and I was still into fitness a lot.”

Bollywood’s Kabir Singh aka Shahid Kapoor’s spouse and mother of two: Mira Rajput was also present with Neha to flag off the one kilometer walkathon for 375 pregnant women. Pregathon created a record of the maximum number of pregnant women walking for fitness.

Neha didn’t stop at that and shared,

“I’ve always been the one who gets up and goes to work every day. So, for me to be able to wake up and consume myself in things that I love to do and have a feeling that this wonderful life is brewing inside me was just fantastic. I think that the only difference I was going through was, when I was at work I wasn’t curbing my cravings. I didn’t disclose my pregnancy for a long time and everyone around me was like, “but we’ve never seen you eat all this”, and I’m like, “yeah, but I just feel eating doughnuts today.”

She completed her statement by saying,

“My only advice would be to consume things you love and if you’re home, spend a lot of time doing things you love — maybe, read a book. Don’t change anything about your life because you’re pregnant.”



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