Neha Dhupia to Interview Angad Bedi on Their 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Below are Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi’s plan to celebrate their second marriage anniversary amidst the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown.

It has been two years since Bollywood actor Angad Bedi and anchor Neha Dhupia took everyone by surprise and tied the knot in a close-knit ceremony in Delhi. To celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary, the actors are going to go live on their social media channels.

Neha Dhupia to Interview Angad Bedi
Neha Dhupia to Interview Angad Bedi

Neha whilst giving an interview said,

“We’ll raise the toast to two years of our marriage with our fans, by going live on social media. I’ll be interviewing Angad on marriage, and the questions are going to be a complete surprise to him. He’ll be on the hot seat facing all the questions and we’ll also be taking fan queries.”

Talking about the same, Angad said,

“I never do live sessions, but this time, I’m going to do this only for her and it’s going to be fun. I don’t know what questions will come my way, but I’ll speak from my heart, be honest and not diplomatic.”

Neha also discussed the topic of how this lockdown is becoming an “ultimate test for marriage”. These were her words,

“If the one you love the most is willing to tolerate everything and make a happy peaceful environment, then you know you have made the right choice. Angad and I might not be a perfect couple and we do have minor fights once in a while, but we have great understanding. The best part is he has a good sense of humour and gets romantic in the most unexpected way.”

Neha Dhupia to Interview Angad Bedi
Neha Dhupia to Interview Angad Bedi

On the other hand, Angad revealed that no matter how angry he gets with his wife, he says nothing can affect the love he has for her.

“We fight but never in front of Mehr. We want to create a happy environment for her to grow. Whatever ups and downs we go through, the foundation of our relationship holds us strong and we never shy away from showing mirrors to each other and give each other strength and love.”


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