Neha Dhupia Going To Be A Mother Soon? Angad Bedi Reveals The Truth!

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi have been one of the most adorable couple of the Bollywood film industry. They had surprised all the Bollywood fans after their secret marriage and now it seems that everything is going well for the couple and they definitely have a very good chemistry. Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi were best friends and according to the sources, Angad Bedi had proposed Neha Dhupia for marriage and that too four years back. It is also said that Angad Bedi straight away asked Neha’s parents after that to marry her.

Now according to the latest news, Neha Dhupia is going to be a mother soon and so this hot and influential actress could be expecting anytime. There has been a lot of buzz in the Bollywood industry and the rumors of her pregnancy has been a very hot topic nowadays. At the moment, the adorable couple has refused any such statement of Neha Dhupia’s pregnancy but it is being said that the couple want it to be personal at the moment and would make an official announcement after some time.

According to the information, even their wedding was kept a secret and they had suddenly surprised the Bollywood fans after their wedding pictures. So same could be the case with Neha Dhupia’s pregnancy. The couple isn’t willing to make it a high-key affair and want to keep it to themselves. The couple wants to keep the media away and the fans could expect that the couple would again give them a surprise with a new born member in their family very soon.

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Neha Dhupia had revealed that even at the time of their marriage, Angad Bedi’s father had told them to keep it very personal and simple. He didn’t want it to create a buzz in the media and therefore told them to keep it as a low key affair. Well, talking a little more about her marriage, in the interview Neha Dhupia said,

“His mother was not ready to give her nod for the wedding date, till she met me. I met her two days before the wedding and she asked me if I was sure about getting married to him and some other questions, which a to be mother-in-law would generally ask.”

According to the reports of News18.com, when Angad Bedi was questioned about Neha Dhupia’s pregnancy in  a Best Dressed 2018 event, he told that there is no such thing. He stated that the news is wrong and both of them have been running busy and they are mainly focusing on their work. Angad Bedi told that he will going to inform everyone when this happens. He stated,

“When we plan on having a family, we’ll inform everyone. As of now, we are focusing on work and other things.”

Neha Dhupia Angad Bedi

Even when Neha Dhupia’s father was asked about any such thing, he confirmed that there is no such thing and all of these are rumors. He told that since it has been a while to their marriage, people are talking about such stuffs and creating rumors. In an interview with Dainik Bhaskar, Neha Dhupia’s father said,

“No, there is no such thing at all. Since the two got married early, people are thinking otherwise, but there is no such thing. People will keep talking about things and spread rumors as per their wish.”

Neha Dhupia

So as of now, it is clear that the news of Neha Dhupia being pregnant is false and so she is not expecting at the moment. Both Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia have been running quite busy and are focusing on their work. They have confirmed that people are spreading rumors and the news of Neha’s pregnancy is completely false. They have been one of the most adorable couples of the B-town and as of now their married life is also going good. Let’s hope that we get to hear a good news from this couple very soon in the future.

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