10 Nayanthara Movies Which Showed Her Acting Prowess

A lot of movies come and go, but a few of them start because of the amazing it is, visually efforts and also the buses. You can so easily come to Kolkata, and it’s in fact easy. It’s very likely that you will be meeting anytime soon. Anyone with no delays in the trains can take them and watch these movies with highest the roles of Bollywood. We will talk about Nayantara. She is an amazing south Indian actress and model. People like that make us full of wonder lust. Scroll down and see 10 Nayanthara Movies which prove her honor.

Puthiya Niyamam (2016)

Directed by A.K. Sajan, this is a 2016 movie in the genre of mystery. Nayantara plays Vasuki Iyer and does an amazing job. She is already beautiful and her role gives her an edge over the other competitors in the market.

Arrambam (2013)

Vishnuvardhan’s movie Arrambam is an amazing movie, starring Ajith Kumar as a valiant warrior and Nayantara as Deepansha. The movie does very well, and the plot goes around the supplies of fraudulent bullet-proof jackets produced by some politician, which leads to a death of Ashok, an honest officer, would wish to encounter them.

Boss Engira Bhaskaran (2010)

This movie was directed by M Rajesh, who starred in the movie, actors such as Nayantara as Chandrika Shanmugasundaram, Arya as Bhaskaran and Santhanam as Nallathambi. The movie was a hit. The plot is, Bhaskaran and Nallathambi, two college dropouts start coaching centers to teach students and to impress a young professor, Chandrika.

Maya (V) (2015)

A thriller and mysterious movie are among the best movies with Nayantara. She plays Maya Mathews, and Aprsaa Arjun. The movie also stars Aari as Vasanth or Arjun. It’s about Maya, who is a single mother, keeps her and her children’s’ body and soul together but things change when a ghost begins to haunt her and people she knows closely, dies.

Super (II) (2010)

Like most of the best Tollywood movies, it is also an action thriller movie. A lot of people started in the movie bug Nayantara rocked it. The plot is about Sonu who abducts Siri, whom Akhil likes. Sonu is the nemesis of Akhil in the movie.

Billa (2017)

Nayanthara Movies

When Bills gets involved some underworld authority, he gets injured, and then there is Krish. The movie did very well. The name of the organization is the home delivery. The area will be a long time back.

Sri Rama Rajyam (2015)

Based on the Hindu classics, Sri Rama Rajyam discuses in his life. The train runs a little late. She was going just fine. The plot is about all parents showing, and Sita has to fail for sacrificing it with any movie. The actors acted in this movie also included Charmy Kaur is among the best-acted movies.

Araam (2016)

Nayanthara Movies

Among the best movies to star Nayantara. The movie did well nice and was a blockbuster hit.  This was a comedy movie and that mentions about the various kinds of rulers and it’s all going like this. Nayantara acts like a district collector and kills it entirely.

Raja Rani (2013)

The plot is nice, about a maid falling in love with the young guy she works for. She is looked down upon but despite all of these, she could not be stopped. This movie is among the best movies Nayantara has acted in. The comedy is very nice. And it was directed by Atlee Kumar.

Nanum Rowdy Dhaan (2015)

Nayanthara Movies
Nayanthara Movies

This is a good movie where a guy falls in love with a hearing-impaired girl. To continue further, she asks for time. She tries to avenge the death of a daughter.

The above movies really did okay in maintaining the character, and they may wait for a new one, but let us see. All the movies mentioned above are one to be watched because they’re worth it. It is easy to watch movies now. The digital warriors, who can do whatever they want instantly. 


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