Acting is Like Breathing For Naseeruddin Shah

If I am unable to perform, I will probably commit suicide: These were Naseeruddin Shah’s words when he was asked for his reaction on the entire film industry coming to a halt, owing to the ongoing nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

As per him, when it comes to supporting debutante filmmakers he has been always there for them.

Naseeruddin said,

“When I interact with newcomers I have the example of people like Habib Tanvir, Girish Karnad, Om Puri, Shyam Benegal, Satyadev Dubey. When I was a youngster, they were idols for me. When one struggles, encouragement is needed, and these people always guide us. Perhaps it is because of them, even in our darkest days, we stayed hopeful and continued our struggle to become the actors we are. So when I work with new actors and film directors, I try and encourage the story that is worth telling,”

For a long time, from theatre to television, cinema to digital platforms, this veteran actor has constantly kept himself relevant with the changing times. In a recent media interaction, Naseeruddin said that he wakes up every day with the belief that he has “something to give” to the audience.

He further said,

“I think it is the suspicion that I still have function left to fulfill, I am not done yet as an actor. I still have something to give (to the audience) and I am lucky that people still want to watch me. I am lucky, and also the fact that I love my work, I love acting. There is something about performing. I can’t explain the excitement, and I haven’t got over it. I think I am obsessed with acting. I think when I wake up tomorrow morning if I am unable to perform, I probably will commit suicide. What is there in life without it?”

Naseeruddin Shah talked in such a way. Because no matter how big a celebrity you are, you need to work to keep your life going smoothly. And when it comes to performers worldwide, TV and film work coming to a halt has become a word of worry for all.

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