Music Industry Harbors Bigger Mafia Than Film Industry Says Sonu Nigam

Well, Known Singer, Sonu Nigam revealed some shocking inside details about the music industry.

Sonu Nigam posted a video on his social media in which the singer accused the music industry of being a bigger mafia than the film industry. He also went on to hint at some big names and revealed that they have interfered with careers of a lot of singers, which could lead to more suicide cases in the industry, in the coming future.

In this video, Sonu Nigam stressed on the fact that whole India is suffering from ‘mental and emotional pressure’ post-Sushant Singh Rajput‘s suicide. Sonu also spoke about the Indo-China clash in Ladakh and sent a request to the music companies through his Vlog.

Music Industry Sonu Nigam

Sonu said that he has been approached by a lot of singers, who say that a certain director, actor, producer, and music director is willing to work with them, but the music company does not promote their talent, giving the reason that they are not the talent that has previously worked with them.

Sonu Nigam Pulwama Attack

Calling himself lucky to have worked in an era where such monogamy did not exist, Sonu went on to talk in detail about two music companies that have been controlling the whole music industry and thus making it difficult for the young singers to find more work in the music industry. Sonu also revealed that a lot of singers are frustrated and sometimes have ‘blood tears’. Sonu went ahead and added that both directors and producers to aren’t happy with the current scenario.

Music Industry Sonu Nigam
Music Industry Sonu Nigam

Whilst advising these bigshots to be more kind, Sonu also went on to talk about a certain actor who is in the news these days and had an issue with Arijit Singh. Sonu said that the actor demanded that Sonu does not sing in his flick. How can you use your power like that?,’ asked Sonu.

Talking about Sonu’s current whereabouts. At present, he is quarantining in Dubai. Sonu more often goes live to interact with his fans, sometimes even doing music concerts for them.

Seeing the unprofessional working ways of both film and the music industry, there is a strong reason that time has come for MNCs to land in India and give these industry arm twisters a tough competition and force them to mend their ways or go into justified extinction.


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