10 Reasons Why Every Movie Buff Should Explore Telugu Cinema

Movies are basically made for entertainment. Lots of people judge the Telugu cinema industry by some movies which are just made for entertainment and for the fans. People want that, they are not used to unhappy endings in Andhra and Telangana and are not as adaptive as other states when it comes to movies. Some might say this causes industry to stagnate but sometimes one needs that simple and non-sophisticated movie to enjoy and feel good.

1) Films from great directors like S.S Rajamouli

Bahubali and Magadheera By Rajamouli and Badrinath by V.V Vinayak are some of the must-watch movies that show the exemplary direction of stalwart directors.

2) Action scenes

They spent lavishly on action scenes, blowing up cars, trains, buses etc. Hero’s entry will be for sure a mass one making sure he beats the goons off.

3) Gorgeous actresses

Anushka Shetty, Tamanna Bhatia, Illeana, Shreya, Trisha, Shruti. You name the actress; she might have acted in at least 1-2 Telugu movies. Most of the time they were the eye candy but there are some movies which show a different side of Arundhati, Baahubali etc.

4) Stylish Heroes

Chiranjeevi to Ram Charan, Pawan Kalyan to Allu Arjun, NTR to Jr. NTR, Prabhas to Ravi Teja. Telugu Movies are always known for stylish heroes who dance well, fight well and romance it out with the heroines.

5) Stunning Choreography

Excellent dance moves and music that allows them to express themselves through dance are specialties of Telugu industry; many heroes can give Hrithik a run for his money.

6) Lots of family values are shown and discussed in Telugu Cinema

7) Romance stories in the Telugu cinema

There are many romantic movies which take the audience right into another world like Varsham, Godavari, and Arya. Most of the songs are beautiful and relatable usually shot in exquisite locations. The cameramen capture the essence of the scenic locations superbly and more often than not give us a visual extravaganza.


This movie where Prabhas stars opposite Trisha Krishnan is a romantic masterpiece, the songs and the romantic moments takes you into another world and creates an inner Romeo/Juliet within you. The song ‘Mellaga’ is one of the best romantic songs in Prabhas’s career. Trisha also gave one of her best performances for this film. Bollywood destroyed the feel-good story of this movie by remaking it into Baaghi with martial arts and action sequences undermining the romance.


A love story with a woman leads, now that is something one does not get to see often. A simple enjoyable love story between two equals rather than too much fantasy element or vague idolization of hero.


Allu Arjun’s debut where though he showed the typical hero character but towards the end of the movie he showed the empathetic character who loves life so much. One of the highest grosser in the industry and was dubbed into many languages later remade in Tamil as well.

8) Experiment movies

If one argues that Telugu movie industry only gives out masala movies day in and day out, there are some solid examples where the experimentation of Telugu can be seen as clear as the daylight.

-Maryada Ramanna- This movie was so hilarious and a breath of fresh air that it was remade in 4 other languages including Hindi and Tamil. ‘Son of Sardaar’ starring Sonakshi and Ajay Devgn is a remake of this movie.

-Arundhati – It is very rare to see a movie with a female protagonist in the south Indian movie industries, and rarer to see them be a blockbuster hit. Arundhati was both. Praised by many as one of the best performances in her career, Anushka Shetty shines throughout the movie and exhibits a rare combination of talent.


-Anthaku Mundu aa thravartha- The movie addresses the concept of living together and is far better than movies like OK Kanmani which was later remade into Hindi as OK Jaanu

-Kalavaramaye Madilo

-Katha Screenplay Darsakatvam appalraju

-Second Hand etc.

9) Humorous scenes

The comedy scenes in Movies of the Telugu cinema are of good quality although second to Mollywood. Brahmanandam, Ali etc. give their best even though the movies don’t even require them most of the times.

10) Provides a relief as common people can easily enjoy movies
Telugu Cinema

Most of their movies are mainstream ones where the story is clichéd, the hero does action, stunts, gets the girl, solves everything and all’s well that ends well.

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