List of Malayalam Movies Directed by Bharathan

Malayalam movies directed by Bharathan:

One of the most prolific film directors of Malayalam cinema. He was a director, artist, sculptor, poster designer, and art director, all rolled into one. He started out as an art director but ventured into direction with Prayanam in 1974. He along with Padmarajan and KG George founded a new school of film making in Malayalam cinema. He is known for his realistic portrayal of rural life in Kerala. He always steered clear of a star-centric movie and never compromised on the plot and narrative of the movie.

Malayalam Movies Directed by Bharathan
Malayalam Movies Directed by Bharathan


Film Year
1975 Prayanam
1977 Guruvayur Kesavan
1978 Rathinirvedam
1978 Aniyara
1978 Aaravam
1979 Thakara
1980 Lorry
1980 Chamaram
1981 Nidra
1981 Palangal
1981 Parankimala
1981 Chatta
1981 Parvathy
1982 Marmaram
1982 Ormakkayi
1983 Eenam
1983 Sandhya Mayangum Neram
1983 Kattathe Kilikkoodu
1984 Ente Upasana
1985 Kathodu Kathoram
1984 Ithiripoove Chuvannapoove
1985 Ozhivukaalam
1986 Chilambu
1986 Pranamam
1987 Oru Minnaminunginte Nurunguvettam
1987 Neela Kurinji Poothappol
1988 Vaisali
1989 Oru Sayahnathinte Swapnam
1990 Thazhvaram
1990 Malootty
1991 Amaram
1991 Keli
1993 Venkalam
1993 Chamayam
1993 Padheyam
1996 Devaraagam
1997 Churam
1998 Manjeeradhwani

Bharathan is credited with introducing a counter culture of meaningful mainstream cinema which often tread the middle path between art-house and commercial cinema called the “middle of the road cinema”. He was also known for visually appealing shot compositions. His films have been especially noted for their artistic quality, and admirers of his inimitable style refer to his directorial seal as the ‘Bharathan touch’.

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