Complete List of Malayalam Movies Acted by Sridevi

Malayalam Movies Acted by Sridevi:

The superstar of Indian cinema, Sridevi has worked in movies spanning five decades. She is the doyen of the Indian film industry and is known for her portrayal of challenging character roles. From comedies to romantic movies to emotional dramas, Sridevi was one actress who has been there and done it all! Sridevi made her debut into cinema as a child artist in 1967 with the film Kandhan Karunai and did not look back till her tragic demise in 2018.

Malayalam Movies Acted by Sridevi
Malayalam Movies Acted by Sridevi

Here is a list of Malayalam movies acted by Sridevi:

Year Film
1969 Kumara Sambhavam
1970 Swapnangal
1970 Sabarimala Sree Dharmashastha
1971 Poompatta
1971 Aana Valarthiya Vanampadiyude Makan
1972 Theerthayathra
1976 Abhinandanam
1976 Kuttavum Sikshayum
1976 Aalinganam
1976 Thulavarsham
1977 Aasheervaadam
1977 Aadhya Paadam
1977 Aa Nimisham
1977 Anthardaaham
1977 Akale Aakaasham
1977 Amme Anupame
1977 Nirakudam
1977 Oonjaal
1977 Angeekaaram
1977 Satyavan Savithri
1977 Vezhambal
1978 Naalumanippookkal
1984 Premabhishekam
1996 Devaraagam
2018 Sree Sree Devaraagam

Sridevi made her debut in Malayalam cinema with the movie Kumara Sambhavam directed by P Subramaniam in 1969. Her movie Poompatta got her the much needed recognition in Malayali cinema. Sridevi gave some superhits in Malayali cinema with movies like Aalinganam (1976), Aasheervadam (1977), Aa Nimisham (1977), Anthardaaham (1977), Akale Aakasham (1977), Oonjaal (1977) and others. Many of her Tamil movies were also dubbed or remade in Malayalam. She collaborated with actors like Sheela, Madhu, Jayan, Adoor Bhasi and others to work on movies of all genres.

For her committed contribution to the Indian film industry, Sridevi was awarded the Padma Shri in 2013. Her kitty of awards includes the National Film Award, the Nandi Award, the Tamil Nadu State Film Award, the Kerala State Film Award, three Filmfare Awards, the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award, and three Filmfare Awards South. An actor beyond words, Sridevi will always remain etched as the superstar.

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