List of Malayalam Devotional Films

Devotion is a sentiment that is beyond boundaries, religion, caste, and creed. Devotion to God has always enthused people with faith and belief in goodness and values. This has often inspired many movies based on life and incidents of God and saintly beings. Devotional movies teach people to be more patient and lead a virtuous life. In fact, many movies have been made on people who have followed the path shown by our religious elders and saints to inspire and encourage people. Many Malayalam devotional films have been made too.

Malayalam Devotional Films
Malayalam Devotional Films

Here is a list of Malayalam devotional films:

  • 1955 Harishchandra
  • 1975 Swami Ayyappan
  • 1976 Chottanikkara Amma
  • 1977 Ramayan
  • 1982 Sree Ayyappanum Vavarum
  • 1984 Krishna Guruvayoorappa
  • 1992 Sabarimalayil Thanka Sooryodayam Ayyappan
  • 2007 Laxmi Puran
  • 2010 Ramayana: The Epic
  • 2010 Thathwamasi

There have been many other devotional movies that have been dubbed from other languages in Malayalam, these include cartoons as well. devotional films will always hold a special place in everyone’s heart as it brings people closer to their beliefs and faith.

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