Malayalam Actor’s COVID-19 Song Goes Viral on Social Media

Well, known Malayalam actor Nedumudi Venu sang a 90-second video song highlighting the need to fight coronavirus aka COVID-19. The COVID-19 Song video uploaded on the Kerala Police’s Facebook page went viral on social media in the 1st three hours of its upload on Tuesday and attracted over lakhs of views.

In this 90-second video that was shot on Monday and uploaded on Tuesday, Venu talks about the need of all humankind coming ahead and standing together and effectively fighting the coronavirus by complying with the guidelines issued by the relevant authorities. This popular actor Nedumudi Venu who to date has acted in more than 500 Malayalam films, that fetched him two national and six Kerala film awards, sings as he plays the chenda (percussion instrument).

For the unknown, Venu has been a part of the Malayalam film industry for more than four decades now. At this time, he has also worked in some Tamil movies and a few television shows.

When it comes to acknowledging his contribution to the film industry. He has been conferred with National Film Awards for Best Supporting Actor in His Highness Abdullah in 1990 and a special jury award for Margam in 2003. Around 14 years ago i.e. back in 2006, he also won the National Film Award for Best Non-Feature Film Narration / Voice Over for the film Minukku.

Talking about the Kerala State Film Awards, Venu won 2nd Best Actor for Chamaram in 1980 and Thenmavin Kombath back in 1994. While in 1981, 1987 and 2003, he won Best Actor Award for Vidaparayum Munpe, Oru Minnaminunginte Nurunguvettam, and Margam respectively.

Ongoing nationwide coronavirus lockdown seems to have no end in sight. As the Mar, the lockdown has been extended till May 3rd. And there is a question mark whether that date is final. And there is another disaster in-waiting for us even after we get some relief from coronavirus.

Economic crisis.

As all the economic activity has come to stand still, so next 2 years to come will be filled with economic plight for the world.


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