Mahesh Bhatt Finally Breaks Silence on Accusations of Him Throwing ‘Chappal’ at Kangana Ranaut

Alia Bhatt’s father and veteran but still active filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has finally reacted to the allegations levelled against him by Kangana Ranaut’s sibling Rangoli Chandel. Refusing to comment on the matter, he said that it is not his habit to say bad words against his children. To get in detail, Rangoli had in the recent past made a tweet that the veteran filmmaker had treated Kangana poorly when latter was a newcomer in the industry, he even went to the extent of throwing a slipper at him.

Mahesh Bhatt was standing alongside his actor-wife Soni Razdan during the screening of latter’s new film Yours Truly on 30th April. That’s when he was asked to comment on the accusations that Chandel had made and his response to the whole matter was nothing but graceful. His words in exact were,

“Our morals teach us that we don’t point fingers at our children. These are our children and to speak against them will serve your purpose but will clash with our way of living. She (Kangana) is a child who started her journey with us. If her relative has said something, for me to speak about that will only drag the matter. Till we die, we won’t speak anything ill about our children.”

Meanwhile coming back to Kangana, she made her bollywood debut with the 2006 film, Gangster, that was produced by Bhatt. Bhatt went ahead and said that if starting rumors and controversies help people remain in business, then he has no issues with the same.

To conclude he said,

“But I won’t speak ill about my junior, our women and children. My morals, my nature, my belief stops me from doing that.”

Kangana has also targeted Alia Bhatt in the recent past and she too like her father chose to stay mum when it came to reacting. Now, we know where she gets it from.


Gaurav Gupta

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