Here’s What Mahesh Bhatt Said About Alia Bhatt’s Wedding With Ranbir Kapoor

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor have been one of the cutest couples of the B-town. They have been on top of the news these days because of their relationship and the information suggests that they both would also be getting married soon enough. They both look really good together and are quite happy with each. They both are definitely enjoying each other’s  company and also they keep on talking good things about each other in the media. Even their parents are very positive about their relationship and so they are also hoping that they take their relationship to next level soon.

The news of their relationship came as a surprise for the Bollywood fans as before Ranbir Kapoor was in a relationship with Katrina Kaif. After their breakup, very soon the news came that he is in relationship with Alia Bhatt. However, as of now they both seem very happy with each other and they have had a very successful relationship till date. Even their parents opened about their marriage and are very excited. When the famous filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt was asked about Alia and Ranbir’s marriage, he said that he doesn’t talk about their private lives in public.

Mahesh Bhatt says that his kids are grown up now and are adults and so he doesn’t want to demean them and would not like to talk about their personal lives. He said that it is their personal right that they want to talk about it in public or not. The famous filmmaker stated to IANS,

“I have never spoken about my children’s private lives. They are adults and it is their perogative. I would never demean and belittle them by talking about it in public. It’s their right and if they want to talk about it or to remain silent about it; it’s their choice. I respect what they do with their life.”

Mahesh Bhatt is very happy with his daughter, Alia Bhatt and he stated that Alia has made him  very proud. He also said that he loves Alia’s movie choices and he also revealed that Alia Bhatt had an obsession to be in the movies from the starting. He said that he is very happy with her choices and the variety of film she does. She has surely been one of the best actresses of the Bollywood industry and has always been a treat to watch on the big screens.

The famous and successful filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt said,

“I think Alia has made us very proud and she has astouned me in particular. I knew she was talented and and she had this obsession of being in the movies. But after movie, I am astounded by her choices and the variety of films that she is doing.”

Mahesh Bhatt has always praised Alia’s choice and so he is also satisfied with her relationship with Ranbir.

Mahesh Bhatt has always supported her decision and he had also stated to IANS that Alia has been taking her decisions on her own which is tthe proudest thing for him. He said this is just a beginning for her and she has definitely made him proud. Mahesh Bhatt stated,

“One of the proudest thing that happened to me as the father is that, she is doing all these things on her own and I feel that this is just the beginning for her.”

Alia Bhatt's Wedding Ranbir Kapoor Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt also states that he has always told Alia Bhatt to keep her eyes open regarding her career and has told her that there is always someone better than her. As of now, he has been quite satisfied with the relationship of her daughter with Ranbir Kapoor and he completely believes in the decision of his  daughter. The sources have suggested that the adorable couple could very soon tie the knot and the fans are eagerly waiting to see these successful superstars tying the knot with each other.

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