Mahabaharat’s Lord Krishna Launches His Youtube Channel

‘Mahabharat’s Lord Krishna aka Nitish Bharadwaj has joined both Twitter and Instagram and not just stopping at that he began his YouTube channel too.

Nitish Bharadwaj had a strong wish to connect with his fans, which is why he became a member of a lot of social media sites, not just Facebook.

Mahabaharat’s: Lord Krishna Aka Nitish Bharadwaj Launches His Youtube Channel

As we all know that ‘Mahabharat’ is currently being aired on Doordarshan. And amidst all the love, Lord Krishna from BR Chopra’s show aka Nitish Bhardwaj has decided to expand his social media presence so that he can connect with his fans all over. The actor, who till date was only on Facebook, now has a Twitter and Instagram account. More so, he has also started his YouTube channel.

Sharing a video as his welcome, Nitish could be heard saying,

Mahabaharat’s Lord Krishna
Mahabaharat’s Lord Krishna

“You all have now become my online family. Two days ago I had posted a video about Mahabharat which was viewed by 35 lakh people and reached more than one crore people. This is a miracle, it isn’t my power, it is the blessing of God and your love.”

Mahabharat’s Krishna added,

“This has encouraged me to start my YouTube channel, Instagram account and Twitter handle, which I have begun from today. People were writing that I am Krishna, but no, I am a simple mortal man… If I have said something nice, then the credit goes to the scriptures, my parents and teachers. All of the shortcomings are just mine.”

Have a look at the video below:

Mahabaharat’s Lord Krishna
Mahabaharat’s Lord Krishna

It is an interesting fact to know that Nitish, who is known as Lord Krishna more than his own identity, was not originally planning to play the role. He had auditioned for the role of Vidur, but Ravi Chopra thought and wondered how a 24-year-old boy could play the role of Vidur and thus, even if not convinced about playing Lord Krishna, Bharadwaj did it anyway because Ravi Chopra asked him to accept this role as a challenge.

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