It’s ‘Dhakdhak Girl’ Madhuri’s birthday and we CAN’T keep CALM!

Madhuri Dixit turns 51 on the 15th of this month and what better way to make her birthday more memorable than celebrating it with Madhuri Dixit herself?

You read that right! For all the Madhuri lovers, Sony MAX2 brings you the Yash Chopra’s romantic hit film, Dil Toh Pagal Hai on 15th May at 4 pm.

Madhuri’s remarkable and mesmerizing performances throughout the film is a dream for any Madhuri lover. Every time she set foot on the floor, she created magic. When she twirled we were spellbound and when she stopped, our hearts missed a beat.

Here is a list of the film’s top songs that would make you want to groove with the dancing queen while she makes you forget everything else with her beautifully expressive eyes:

Kathak Instrumental:

This is the moment when Rahul sees the elegant manner in which Pooja (played by Madhuri) brings out the best of her moves to the music that he is playing. Even though there are no lyrics, Pooja’s expressions say it all. This is the moment when Rahul realizes that Pooja is his MAYA.

Koi Ladki Hai:

Pooja and Rahul show up at Nisha’s hospital to cheer her up, as she is unable to perform because of her fractured foot. The song brings out Madhuri’s free-spirited & carefree nature that would make you wanna Chak Dhoom Dhoom.

Dance Of Envy:

Nisha aggressively challenges Pooja to a dance and Pooja, the go-getter that she takes on the challenge. As the music tempo soars, so does the dancing. From graceful and subtle moves to power-packed steps, the energy burns the dance floor.

Are Re Are:

This number in the soulful voice of Lata Mangeshkar that brings out the romantic in us. The song makes Rahul and Pooja realize how much they love each other but have never expressed themselves. The lyrics captivate your heart and the on-screen chemistry between Madhuri and Shahrukh Khan is unmatchable.

Pyar Kar:

Madhuri Dixit's birthday

Pyar Kar portrays Pooja as a gentle, dreamy character who believes that God has a plan for all and that each one of us will find someone along the way.  Watching her sway in this song makes every man wish she were his soulmate.

To witness the many shades of emotions that Madhuri has depicted through her dance, watch Dil Toh Pagal Hai on 15th May at 4 pm only on Sony MAX2.


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