A Rare Revelation About Beauty Queen Madhubala on Her Birthday Eve

This Valentine’s Day was Late Bollywood Actress: Madhubala’s birthday. In one of her rare interviews, she gave her fans an insight into her life. Madhubala was one of the most beautiful actresses that the Hindi film industry has ever seen! She was born as Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi in British India in 1933. One can even say that, that it wouldn’t be incorrect to call her ‘The Marilyn Monroe‘ of India. The actress left this world for heaven unexpectedly back in 1969 at the age of 36.

A Rare Revelation About Beauty Queen Madhubala On Her Birthday Eve

This Valentine’s Day both Bollywood and Madhubala fans celebrated Madhubala’s 87th birth anniversary. On this eve we stumbled upon a rare interview of Madhubala, wherein the actress had spoken about her ‘strange’ life, when she was the top actress of her time.

Giving us an insight into her life from both personal and professional eye, Madhubala had said,

“Mine is a strange life. When I leave the house in the morning, my little sisters are still in bed. When I come home late in the evening, they are either out for a walk or busy with their homework. By the time they are through, I have to be in bed to be able to get up early the next morning. You know, I hardly see enough of my family.”

“People tell me I ought to get married. But I am too busy right now, too much in love with my work.”

During the same interview, Madhubala revealed that she is very much like her father in most respects.

“Like him, I am extremely independent. I want to do each and everything by myself. When I think of large homes with servants twice the number of members of the family, I always say to myself that I’ll have just a small home which I can keep and look after by myself.”

It is a surprising reality about Madhubala’s personality that she never used to wear any kind of jewellery. Her justification was,

“I consider it a waste of money; and that’s a sin when so many people in the world have not the means to buy a meal.”


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