Maanvi Gagroo Slams a Clothing Brand For Using Her Picture Without Permission

Four More Shots Please! female lead: Maanvi Gagroo slammed a clothing brand. She said that they don’t have my permission to fat-shame anyone.

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In Maanvi’s latest Twitter post, she slammed a clothing brand for using her pic in their advertisement and promoting the outfit worn by her as ‘Styles To Hide Your Curves‘. Maanvi called out the distasteful advertisement and tweeted,

“I didn’t wear this dress to ‘hide my curves’. Not only does the brand NOT have my permission to use my picture as a sponsored post, they definitely don’t have my permission to fat shame ANYONE! I stand against everything this distasteful tagline points to.”

Maanvi Gagroo Clothing Brand
Maanvi Gagroo Clothing Brand

A lot of netizens took Maanvi’s side and lauded the actress for taking a stand against fat-shaming. Here’s what Maanvi’s fanbase has to say.

@agabaai: “They should totally be taken to court. This is inexcusable.”

@Anjali29: “Sadly such companies are still claiming “thin js beautiful” and still making it big despite everyone’s displeasure. Iska matlab, “everyone is not displeased”.”

@raza_amman: “Why would anyone wear a dress to hide curves. These companies have gone crazy. These rogue companies should be banned.”

Maanvi Gagroo Clothing Brand
Maanvi Gagroo Clothing Brand

@bodhisatya: “Love the way how u r being both polite as well as bang on in one single tweet..!! Kudos.”

It is very much clear that netizens are in awe of Maanvi’s tweet against body-shaming.

Talking more about Maanvi Gagroo. She is an Indian film actress who has also worked in various web series. She began her career with the Disney Channel’s television show Dhoom Machaao Dhoom in 2007. Maanvi gained popularity for her work in web series like TVF Pitchers, TVF Tripling, Made in Heaven and Four More Shots Please!.

Maanvi Gagroo Clothing Brand
Maanvi Gagroo Clothing Brand

Talking about personal life. Maanvi was born to Surender & Urmi Gagroo in New Delhi on the 5th of September. Maanvi studied the Indian dance form Kathak until she was 12 years old. In 2011, she was also part of an ad campaign along-with Abhishek Bachchan for Idea. Maanvi completed her schooling from The Mother’s International School, New Delhi, and has a degree in psychology from Gargi College.


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