List of Telugu Language Comedy Films

list of Telugu language comedy films:

It is said that “Laughter is the best medicine” and has been proven time and again that laughing and light heartedness can help keep good health and a stress free life. Many doctors recommend laughter therapy for instant relief and I would recommend watching good comedy movies that help keep the josh high. Telugu comedy movies are known for their sophistication, optimistic tone, and feel good nature. They have great comic timing and appeal for the audiences.


This is a women-centric movie revolving around 3 women. 9 characters are portrayed in the movie. The movie is being narrated from the perspective of a fish and a bonsai tree.


List of Telugu Language Comedy Films
List of Telugu Language Comedy Films

A crooked politician plans his own accident to gain sympathy votes from the public. However, before his hired gunman, Nandu, could cause an accident, someone else pulls the trigger. The politician dies on the spot and that gunman is framed for murder.



Satya and Shatru are 2 dreaded gangsters who happen to kill anyone who comes in their way.

Ashta Chamma

A girl’s relatives force her to get married to an NRI. But she is a huge fan of the actor Mahesh Babu. And wished to marry him. But on their continuous insistence, she agrees to get married but only with a person whose name would be ‘Mahesh’.


List of Telugu Language Comedy Films
List of Telugu Language Comedy Films

A man is working as a manager in his own company. When a woman is appointed as an assistant manager under him, he starts mistreating her.


Aha Naa Pellanta

Krishna is the son of a rich businessman. He falls in love with the daughter of a greedy person. To win her hand and teach her father a lesson, he also acts as a greedy person.

Nuvvu Naaku Nachav

A man loves a woman. But that woman’s marriage is fixed elsewhere.


List of Telugu Language Comedy Films
List of Telugu Language Comedy Films


This is the story of Malliswari, the princess of Raja of Mirzapur. When her father dies, he leaves the whole of his property in her name. But the condition is that she will get the property only when she turns 21.

Pelli Choopulu

Prasanth (Vijay Deverakonda) goes to Chitra’s (Ritu Varma) house for a ″pelli choopulu″ (matchmaking). They accidentally get locked up in a room and they use this opportunity to talk to each other.


List of Telugu Language Comedy Films
List of Telugu Language Comedy Films

This story revolves around a detective who goes by the name James Pond. One day he is assigned the case of finding a lady’s missing brother. But soon his life takes a sharp turn.


Appula Appa Rao

Apparao lives his life taking loans from everybody around him. He falls in love with a girl. But one day, an astrologer predicts that the girl will die if she marries Apparao.


April 1 Vidudala

A person has a habit of lying every time. But when he falls in love, he tries to transform himself.

Bhale Bhale Magadivoy

List of Telugu Language Comedy Films
List of Telugu Language Comedy Films

Lucky is deeply in love with a woman named Nandana. But he is suffering from short-term memory loss. Problems ensue when he is required to convince Nandana’s parents that he is a suitable groom.


Ami Thumi

This movie revolves around 2 couples. They love each other madly and are trying to protect their relationships without hurting their parents’ feelings.


Thotti Gang

This is a story of 3 best friends. One of them is getting married. His other 2 from marrying the wrong woman. And later on, help him to get married to his childhood lover.


Allari Alludu

One of the daughters of Chamundeswari is studying in college. By mistake, she lands a boy in prison. Later on, when the boy visits her village to take his revenge, the other daughter of Chamundeswari falls in love with him and there is utter chaos.

Dubai Seenu

List of Telugu Language Comedy Films
List of Telugu Language Comedy Films

Jinna is an underworld don who killed many innocent people. A story of revenge and many twists and turns.



Srinivas is a local goon who cheats rich people. Soon, a gangster named Shankar notices him and takes him in his shelter. And slowly, he becomes Shankar’s favorite. Not only that, he also falls in love with his sister.



An eccentric man walks away from a whirlwind romance to get a new ‘kick’. He soon finds himself being chased by a police officer, who happens to be a prospective groom for his lady love.



An unknown disease has plagued the small village in Andhra Pradesh. All the villagers are now waiting for God’s Messiah who will save them. Soon they start believing in a man named Raju that he is the one sent by God.


Ala Modalaindi

Gautham loves a woman dearly. But she gets married to somebody else, leaving him disheartened.


Attarintiki Daredi

This is the story of Gautham Nanda, who is the heir to a big business. He promises his grandfather that he will help him reunite with his daughter. To fulfill his promise, he enters into his aunt’s house, posing as a driver. Thus begins a hilarious journey to get the family back together.



Shankar is a politician who lands in a coma for years. His son meanwhile turns into a very respectable cop. Years later, when Shankar wakes up, in order to save him from another attack, his son recreates the same environment.

Race Gurram

List of Telugu Language Comedy Films
List of Telugu Language Comedy Films

Ram and Lakshman aka Lucky are brothers and completely opposite in nature.

Venkatadri Express

This is a story about a man who misses his train that he and his family were supposed to board.

The Telugu film industry produces some of the best comedies. Even when the film is not a comedy by genre, enough comic elements are added to the films. Telugu audience like their films to have a good laugh.

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